Nani teams up with Sujeeth for ‘Nani 32’

In a celebratory gesture marking the birthday of acclaimed Telugu actor Nani, enthusiasts of Indian cinema were treated to an exciting reveal as the teaser of his soon-to-be-released movie “Saripodhaa Sanivaaram” graced screens. However, adding to the festivities, an unexpected proclamation stole the limelight. In what has set the industry abuzz, the official announcement of Nani’s collaborative endeavor with the esteemed director Sujeeth was made public. Currently known by its working title, “Nani 32”, this upcoming film is under the prestigious banner of DVV Entertainment, steered by producers DVV Danayya and Kalyan Dasari.

The news of this new project was disseminated across social media platforms by Nani himself, who shared a concept video of “Nani 32”. The intriguing clip provides a glimpse into what promises to be a compelling narrative, focusing on the transformative journey of a violent man as he embraces the path of non-violence. This twist on the classic action genre intrigued fans and critics alike, as the actor hinted at a dynamic shift from a powerful character to a lover, thereby piquing widespread curiosity about the film’s premise.

In his social media post, Nani confidently stated, “It’s a Sujeeth film.🔥 After the POWER… Comes the LOVER 😉♥️ #Nani32.”

The anticipation for “Nani 32” is further fueled by its expected release next year, with moviegoers eager for more details on the project, particularly regarding the cast and crew, which remain under wraps. This new announcement has become the focal point of discussions in film circles, sparking speculation and excitement for what is perceived as another groundbreaking addition to Nani’s illustrious filmography.

Director Sujeeth, renowned for his work, is currently awaiting the release of “OG”, featuring the legendary Pawan Kalyan. This forthcoming film is yet another testament to Sujeeth’s directorial prowess and keen eye for cinema that resonates with the masses. Meanwhile, Nani’s screen presence will soon grace theaters with “Saripodhaa Sanivaaram”, directed by Vivek Athreya. The film, which also stars SJ Suryah, Priyanka Arul Mohan, and Aditi Balan, is already generating interest among fans.

The formal unveiling of “Nani 32” has been enthusiastically received, with fans eager to catch a glimpse of what the actor has in store. The announcement video shared by Nani can be accessed online, offering a sneak peek into the tonality and theme that Sujeeth is set to explore in this cinematic venture.

As the Indian film industry explores new horizons and narratives, the union of Nani and Sujeeth symbolizes a progressive step. “Nani 32” promises to deliver a mix of thrill, drama, and potentially revolutionary storytelling. With the captivating teaser and the magnitude of the actor-director duo, expectations are sky-high for a film that could redefine the templates of action and romance in Telugu cinema. Fans and aficionados of Indian cinema are ultimately on the edge of their seats, counting down to the moment when “Nani 32” unfolds on the silver screen, with the hope of witnessing yet another masterpiece.

Certainly, the year ahead looks promising for Telugu cinema as it awaits the emergence of “Nani 32” along with other promising ventures from the region’s film industry. As the project gears up to enchant audiences, the wave of anticipation continues to rise unabated, marking a significant milestone in the careers of the famed actor Nani and the visionary director Sujeeth.

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