Fans of the captivating Korean drama scene have been blessed with an abundance of talent over the years, but one name often stands out among the glittering array – Kim Soo Hyun. Known for his endearing charm and magnetic screen presence, Kim Soo Hyun reigns as not only a fan favorite but also one of the highest-paid actors in the industry. As Kim Soo Hyun celebrates his 36th birthday on February 16, the anticipation grows for his upcoming romantic melodrama “Queen of Tears”. In the meantime, let us delve into five dramas that have solidified the actor’s status in the world of K-dramas.

One cannot discuss Kim Soo Hyun’s career without mentioning the iconic series “My Love From The Star”. This beloved drama tells the tale of Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun), a 400-year-old extraterrestrial with an extraordinary appearance who has been living on Earth, awaiting the moment he can return to his home planet. His life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with the fiery movie star Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun), whose larger-than-life personality leads to fireworks when she attends a college class he teaches. Moreover, she happens to live next door to him in a luxury penthouse. Despite initial conflicts, the undeniable chemistry between these characters culminates in a binge-worthy concoction of romance and science fiction.

The profundity of Kim Soo Hyun’s acting prowess shines through in “It’s Okay to Be Not Okay”, where he portrays Moon Kang Tae, a compassionate caregiver at a psychiatric hospital. Kang Tae’s life is consumed by his dedication to his patients and the care of his older brother Sang Tae, who is on the autism spectrum and is deeply affected by the trauma of their mother’s death. The brothers encounter the enigmatic Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji), an emotionally aloof and brash children’s book author. Her intense pursuit of Kang Tae and the subsequent exploration of mental health issues and raw human trauma make this series a heart-wrenching must-watch, available on Netflix.

“Dream High” serves as a nostalgia trip to the dreams and tribulations of youth, with the ambitious Kirin Arts Academy students at its heart. Kim Soo Hyun transforms into Song Sam Dong, a talented yet naive country boy who along with his peers, such as the determined Go Hye Mi (Suzy), navigates the competitive world of music and performance. This series not only entertains but also imparts valuable life lessons, making it a quintessential coming-of-age drama.

Turning to historical romance, “The Moon Embracing The Sun” showcases Kim Soo Hyun as Crown Prince Lee Hwon, whose life is laden with sorrow after his bride, Yeon Woo (portrayed by Han Ga In as an adult and Kim Yoo Jung as a child), supposedly succumbs to a curse. That sorrow turns to mystery when she resurfaces as the shaman Wol, with no memory of her past as his wife, prompting a quest for the truth amidst a palace filled with political intrigue. This enthralling tale of love lost and found again can be viewed on Viki.

Lastly, “The Producers” peeks behind the curtain of the television industry, with Kim Soo Hyun playing Seung Chan, a rookie producer who abandoned a promising law career for perhaps less noble reasons – an infatuation with a TV show producer, Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin). Seung Chan’s naiveté is challenged by the stark realities of the entertainment world and the complexities of relationships, such as the one with Cindy (IU), a famous singer who maintains a stoic facade. This drama provides a realistic yet humorous take on the industry’s highs and lows.

As Kim Soo Hyun’s storied career continues to evolve, each role he undertakes enriches the fabric of the Korean drama landscape. Be it alien, caregiver, student, prince, or producer, Kim Soo Hyun’s multifaceted performances have left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. His upcoming “Queen of Tears” promises to be yet another addition to an already impressive oeuvre. Until then, viewers can relive Kim Soo Hyun’s most poignant and powerful moments by exploring his must-watch dramas, each one a testament to his remarkable talent that resonates beyond the screen.

By IPL Agent

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