Mumbai-based luxury fashion house Moonray has once again sent ripples across the fashion industry with its latest spring-summer collection, aptly named ‘Equilibrium.’ True to its title, the assortment of garments gracefully balances cutting-edge design with environmentally responsible practices, propelling the trend of sustainable fashion to new heights. Introduced mid-February, Equilibrium distinguishes itself with its use of plant-based dyes and eco-friendly fabrics, while its signature three-dimensional floral bouquets add a riveting visual narrative to the series.

The conscious fashion line was crafted beginning in July 2023 under the creative leadership of Karishma Swali. The collection draws its primary inspiration from the intrinsic balance found in nature itself. Swali shared the journey of the brand’s creative exploration, starting with concept boards that traversed various moods before hitting the perfect note that married aesthetic harmony with design innovation.

Comprising approximately 65 distinct looks, which extrapolate into roughly 100 unique pieces, Equilibrium showcases Moonray’s preference for limited edition capsules. The thoughtful approach ensures exclusivity, offering very small batch runs. “Within this collection, we continue to revive interest with the introduction of fresh styles each month,” Swali explains, “ensuring that individuality is at the heart of our production philosophy.”

Equilibrium is deeply rooted in heritage through its reliance on traditional tie-and-dye techniques such as shibori, bandhani, and leheriya. Swali accentuates the collection’s homage to time-honored practices, detailing that the dyes stem from the madder root, lac, and indigo plant. Offering a glimpse into the fabric selection, she indicates the use of a variety of organic materials, including raw denim, hand-woven cottons, and sumptuous linens and silks. These fabric choices highlight Moonray’s unwavering commitment to eco-friendly fashion, striking a chord with a growing community of environmentally cognizant consumers.

In a step that emphasizes responsible and sustainable sourcing, Moonray has ensured its fabrics are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This non-profit organization champions the judicious management of forests globally and secures the integrity of timber certification.

Artisanal craftsmanship stands at the forefront of the Equilibrium collection, where handcrafted three-dimensional floral bouquets become the ultimate embellishments. These elements are meticulously created using techniques that span gauzy crochet to polished chrome balls and intricate cut-work details. The versatile team of master artisans and craft specialists, operating from Moonray’s Mumbai studio, bring their diverse skills to the table, creating garments that are nothing short of wearable art.

Each garment in the collection is adorned with micro bouquets, which seamlessly integrate delicately crocheted petals with organza thorns. The inclusion of polished chrome balls and crystal meshes adds contrast, further enriching the garments’ textures. These design features beautifully complement both modest and oversized silhouettes, embodying the brand’s vision of showcasing complementary values through fashion. Innovatively, the micro bouquets are designed as brooches, allowing them to be detached easily before washing, hence combining practicality with luxury.

The collection enters the market with a starting price tag of ₹8,500 and can be accessed at Moonray’s stores situated in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, as well as on its website This blend of style, nature, and craftsmanship embraced in Equilibrium propels Moonray onto the world stage, signaling a future where fashion not only looks good but does good too.

By IPL Agent

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