Mean moves in the mohalla

In a flurry of excitement, the charming town of Rishikesh has witnessed the creation of a cinematic gem, as the forthcoming social comedy ‘Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Wala Video’ nears the end of its shooting schedule. The bustling set, mirroring a vivacious mohalla of a north Indian town from the 1990s, has drawn attention for its meticulous attention to period detail, as the film’s lead actors Rajkummar Rao and Triptii Dimri lead an ensemble cast in a cinematic endeavor directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa.

In the early days of 2024, the film began its journey in Rishikesh, as previously reported, beginning its production schedule in earnest. Now, as we approach the teetering edge of completion, the intricately designed location stands ready to host the filming of two pivotal songs that aim to encapsulate the essence of the narrative and its characters. These musical pieces promise to add a captivating layer to the storytelling, harmoniously blending audio and visual artistry into the fabric of the film.

The construction of the set is a testament to the dedication of production designer Rajat Poddar and his team, who have gone to great lengths to transport the cast and crew—and eventually, the audience—back in time. With everything from vintage cars to era-appropriate television sets, there’s a commitment to authenticity that’s rarely seen, aiming to elicit a potent sense of nostalgia.

The plot unfolds within this elaborate setting, following a thread of chaos that unravels in a small town when an intimate video featuring the protagonists, Vicky and Vidya, leads to unforeseen circumstances. The narrative is tinged with humor and social commentary, as is characteristic of director Shaandilyaa’s approach to his craft.

In the coming fortnight, a situational song featuring the extended cast will be captured on the Rishikesh streets, replete with the characteristic vibrancy of India’s mohalla culture. With actors like Mallika Sherawat, Rajat Kapoor, and Vijay Raaz bringing their distinctive flair to the tableau, audiences can expect a rich, cinematic treat. Following this, a romantic track centered on the amorous exploits of Rao and Dimri’s characters will be set against the same backdrop, adding a layer of audial allure to their on-screen love story.

The collaborative synergy of the cast and crew is palpable, and expectations are high in anticipation of the final product. Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Wala Video marks several firsts: It is the inaugural alliance between Rao and Shaandilyaa and introduces Dimri as the female lead opposite Rao. Such collaborations are often the crucible for remarkable cinema, and this production is poised to be no different.

As the project looks to wrap up by March 4, one can feel the buzz of activity around the set, driven by a dedication to bringing Shaandilyaa’s unique vision to life. The film’s completion will not only mark the culmination of months of hard work but also stand as a beacon of the rich storytelling tradition that Bollywood has fostered over the years.

Capturing the zeitgeist of the ’90s with deft craftsmanship while commenting on the universality of certain social elements—this film aims to resonate with audiences who remember the era and intrigue those who wonder about its charm. With a story woven around lost tapestries of love, humor and the fluttering pages of human connection, Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Wala Video looks set to etch its melodies and moments into the hearts of cinema-goers, heralding yet another memorable addition to the annals of Indian filmography.

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