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As the sun dips below the horizon on March 1st, the Hyatt Centric on MG Road will transform into a pulsating hub of electronic beats and soundscapes, welcoming the dynamic electronic music artist, Alex Wilcox. Known for his mastery in blending various musical styles, Wilcox will be performing under his nom de guerre, Syzygy, beginning at 6 pm. Fans eager to experience his unique brand of techno can secure their spots at the event with tickets priced at ₹399 for females, ₹499 for males, and ₹999 for couples, available through BookMyShow.

Born in Dallas, Wilcox journeyed across the United States before finally settling in Berlin, the city that honed his eclectic sound. His transformation from a funk and rock-inspired guitarist to a producer embracing a multi-genre approach was evident with his first album, “Because the Sky Is Blue,” released in 2019. However, it was his EP, “It’s Okay To Cry,” that saw him transition into the cutting-edge techno artist he is today.

Wilcox’s set promises to be a musical whirlwind, marked by rapid changes in BPM, hard cuts, and an infusion of existential flair. His career, spanning from Texas to Detroit and beyond, reflects his adeptness at delivering performances that defy expectations, skillfully keeping audiences entranced.

Supporting acts for the night include DJ-producers such as Oddible, Siva Prayojan, and Pentode, complementing what can only be described as an avant-garde musical soirée.

Shifting to the serene locale of Windmills in Whitefield, jazz aficionados will be treated to a two-night performance by The Dam Jawn, a quintet comprised of international talents from Barcelona, Stuttgart, and the Netherlands, now making waves in the United States. On March 1st and 2nd, from 9:30 pm onwards, the ensemble will take the stage, with ticket prices set at ₹1500 for seating and ₹499 for a standing experience, purchasable via BookMyShow.

The band, consisting of Martin Diaz on alto saxophone, Frank Groenendijk on tenor saxophone, Joan Fort on guitar, Philip Lewin on bass, and Nitin Parree on drums, are expected to deliver an evening of mesmerizing jazz fusion. Witness the group’s musical prowess honed under the guidance of legendary saxophonist Dick Oatts, and enjoy their original compositions that pay homage to Philadelphia’s jazz heritage while injecting a dose of modern zest.

Continuing the musical expedition, March 2nd, at 8 pm marks an iconic moment at Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined in Koramangala. Motherjane, a pivotal name in Indian independent rock, along with Chaos and Tanya Shanker, will grace the stage. Tickets are sold at ₹999, plus an additional ₹500 cover charge at the door, through

Celebrating Motherjane’s 2008 album, “Maktub,” vocalists and guitarists Suraj Mani, Baiju Dharmajan, and Deepu Sasidharan will present the “Motherjane Rewritten” tour. Unlike any typical reunion, the band aims to perform and progressively release nine new tracks that will eventually form their upcoming album. Fans will also witness the exclusive live performance of their new song, “Do Good Don’t Be Nice.”

Enhancing the event’s eclectic flavor, Trivandrum’s thrash metal titans, Chaos, will perform, with pop/rock artist Tanya Shanker adding to the musical diversity.

The Indie Artist Showcase on March 3rd, starting at 8 pm at Fandom at Gilly’s Redefined, affords a rare opportunity to witness the raw and underrated talent of Indie artists from the city. Among these emerging stars are L’nee and Anirudh Ravi, the latter being part of the folk-indie trio, Cinema of Excess. They are joined by Aaron Joseph, a looper pedal artist inspired by the likes of John Mayer and Ed Sheeran, and Echoes in the Dusk, an acoustic duo featuring Manikya Das and Akshay Bhat. Completing the lineup is Theodore Dsouza, who is set to debut an all-original set infused with pop-rock sensibilities.

This array of events heralds a vibrant celebration of sound, offering something for every music enthusiast. Bengaluru’s stages are set to pulsate with the energy of passionate performers, diverse genres, and unforgettable melodies, promising a treat for the city’s discerning listeners.

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