Manoj Bajpayee condoles demise of eminent radio personality Ameen Sayani

In an outpouring of tributes, actor Manoj Bajpayee honored the memory of legendary radio host Ameen Sayani, who passed away in Mumbai at the venerable age of 91. On a somber Wednesday, Bajpayee expressed his heartfelt farewell on social media, saying, “Amin Sayani ji goodbye! Thank you very much for decorating our childhood with your voice and the world of music! Sisters and brothers, this is a beautiful song, this line will always echo in your ears!!! Be happy wherever you live, this is my prayer.”

Eminent radio presenter Ameen Sayani succumbed to a heart attack late Tuesday evening. His son, Rajil Sayani, confirmed the following day that after suffering the attack, Sayani was rushed to the HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai where he breathed his last. The news sent reverberations of shock and sorrow throughout the entertainment community.

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar voiced his heartache. “We are shocked after hearing this news. Since childhood, we have been hearing his voice and were his big fans. Whoever has listened to Binaca Geetmala will always remember his voice. His absence leaves an irreplaceable void,” recounted Bhandarkar to ANI.

Music personalities, including composer Anu Malik and devotional singer Anup Jalota, echoed similar sentiments, recalling the influence of Sayani’s storied program, Binaca Geetmala, on their careers and musical desires. Malik had dreamed of being introduced on the show, wishing for his music to be featured among the celebrated hits that Sayani presented. Jalota observed that a song’s presence on Geetmala was a sure sign of its success.

As tributes flowed, others likened Sayani’s stature in radio to the legendary statuses of figures like Lata Mangeshkar in singing, actor Dilip Kumar, and hockey hero Dhyan Chand. Notably, Raza Murad, another veteran actor, expressed disbelief on receiving word of Sayani’s passing, recognizing him as the ‘king of voice.’

Family members of the late singer Mukesh shared their own tribute, conveying deep condolences to Sayani’s family and emphasizing his enduring affinity for the Mukesh family across generations. “His powerful and classy voice will be missed by his millions of admirers and fans across the globe,” Neil Nitin Mukesh and Nitin Mukesh stated.

Annu Kapoor, known for his vast knowledge of Indian cinema and music, also praised Sayani’s contributions to radio, marking his passing as the end of a life lived in full fame and glory.

Ameen Sayani’s voice had become a hallmark through his acclaimed show ‘Binaca Geetmala’. His “Namaskar bhaiyon aur behno” greeting became as iconic as the music itself, and Sayani’s Geetmala became a cultural staple. Born on December 21, 1932, Sayani grew into a formidable figure in broadcasting and even acted in films such as ‘Bhoot Bungla’, ‘Teen Devian’, ‘Boxer’, and ‘Qatl’.

With a legacy of over 54,000 radio programs and 19,000 jingles since 1951, Sayani’s work ethic was unparalleled. His career was greatly influenced by his brother, Hamid Sayani, and it blossomed with his association with Radio Ceylon beginning in 1952.

Amidst the many honors and nostalgic rememberings, it’s evident that Ameen Sayani’s golden voice and magnetic persona left more than just memories; they shaped the soundscape of a generation and its love for radio. His demise might leave a void in the world of broadcasting and entertainment, but his voice endures, continuing to resonate through the echoes of his contributions to the airwaves.

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