“Manjummel Boys” Scripts History by Surpassing the Coveted ₹200 Crore Mark

A groundbreaking achievement has been recorded in the annals of the Malayalam film industry as “Manjummel Boys,” a gripping survival thriller inspired by true events, continues its extraordinary box office journey by breaching the ₹200 crore mark globally. This announcement was made by the Film Exhibitors’ United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK), marking a significant milestone for regional cinema.

Significantly contributing to the film’s phenomenal success is its splendid performance in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, where it has earned more than ₹50 crore, asserting its appeal beyond its home ground. Directed by the skilled auteur Chidambaram, “Manjummel Boys” shattered previous records and dethroned Jude Anthany Joseph’s 2018 flood narrative film, which had garnered over ₹150 crore, thereby setting a new benchmark for highest grossing Malayalam movies.

Earlier, Mohanlal’s action-packed 2016 movie “Pulimurugan” had the distinction of being the inaugural Malayalam film to enter the prestigious ₹100-crore club. Notably, despite the substantial pre-release buzz that many ‘pan-Indian’ Malayalam films had generated, they have not been able to match the top grossing numbers.

Providing insights into the film’s staggering performance, K. Vijayakumar, president of FEUOK, disclosed that “Manjummel Boys” amassed over ₹70 crore from domestic shores in Kerala but clinched most of the collection records due to its international reception. He explored the elusive success formula, stating, “While movies like ‘Manjummel Boys’ or ‘Premalu’ encompass elements that resonate with audiences across various states, there’s no specific recipe for the unprecedented triumph they have witnessed. However, subjects with a universal chord can indeed make an impact outside Kerala.”

One of the pivotal reasons for the film’s traction in Tamil Nadu is its crafty homage to Kamal Haasan’s iconic movie “Guna.” The inclusion of Ilayaraja’s classic song “Kanmani Anbodu Kathalan” indubitably added a layer of nostalgia and cultural integration that augmented its charm. Nonetheless, it was the movie’s central theme of friendship that universally resonated with audiences, contributing significantly to its widespread acceptance. Additionally, the timing of the film’s launch, during a period when no major Tamil star releases were scheduled, played a fortuitous role in its outreach.

This year for Malayalam cinema commenced on an optimistic note, with Gireesh A.D.’s “Premalu” also crossing the ₹109 crore margin at the box office, out of which ₹60 crore came from within Kerala. Further demonstrating the regional language crossover, the Telugu dubbed version is experiencing full house screenings. Another film, the Mammootty-starrer “Bramayugam,” has also had a solid theatrical stint, raking in over ₹40 crore to date.

The massive collection of “Manjummel Boys” not only underscores the vitality of compelling storytelling but also heralds a new dawn for Malayalam cinema on the global stage. It validates that content-rich narratives, regardless of linguistic barriers, have the potential to create ripples across the box office, signalling a promising future for regional language films that cater to a universal audience. This achievement by “Manjummel Boys” stands as an inspiring testament to the potential for diversification and inclusivity in cinematic expression.

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