Mammootty’s ‘Turbo’ wraps up production

The buzz around the Malayalam film industry grew louder as it was announced that the highly anticipated movie ‘Turbo’, starring superstar Mammootty, has officially concluded its shooting schedule. This brisk-paced action thriller, directed by the adept filmmaster Vysakh, completed its filming marathon in a disciplined 104-day stretch.

Helmed by a director known for his ability to deliver box-office hits, ‘Turbo’ promises to be a full-throttle cinematic experience. Vysakh, whose work includes benchmark-setting films, took to the digital sphere to herald the production wrap, sharing the news with eager fans and followers on social media.

The cast of ‘Turbo’ is a tapestry of talent, featuring the dynamic Anjana Jayaprakash, versatile Telugu actor Sunil, and the gifted Kannada actor-filmmaker Raj B Shetty in pivotal roles. As Mammooty takes the lead, his presence in the film is nothing less than a seal of assurance for fans who anticipate his performances as a benchmark of excellence.

Behind the compelling narrative stands Midhun Manuel Thomas, the scribe of the film’s script. Thomas is not a stranger to the spine-chilling genre, having previously penned the critically lauded thriller ‘Anjaam Pathiraa.’ His storytelling prowess is expected to infuse ‘Turbo’ with a riveting edge that keeps audiences clasped to their seats.

Aurally, the film is brought to life by the melodious undertones of Justin Varghese, whose musical talents will score the backdrop to the high-octane on-screen events. The synergy between music and picture is further amplified by the keen eye of Vishnu Sarma, whose cinematography is expected to capture the thrill and essence of the narrative. Bridging scenes seamlessly will be the precision editing of Shameer Muhammed, ensuring a fluid cinematic journey.

True to his multifaceted persona, Mammootty not only headlines but also produces the feature under the prominent banner of Mammootty Kampany. The film is set to reach audiences through the circuit established by Wayfarer Films, the production enterprise of Dulquer Salmaan, who himself is an acclaimed actor and Mammootty’s son. This father-son duet in production is seen as a potent combination that injects both experience and fresh vision into the cinema landscape.

As the Malayalam film industry thrives with fresh narratives and compelling storytelling, ‘Turbo’ is anticipated to rev up the momentum, adding to the diversity and strength of Indian cinema. With an expertly chosen cadre of performers, an experienced crew, and a backdrop of thrilling music, all pieces are in place for Vysakh’s ‘Turbo’ to race ahead and carve a niche in the hearts of movie-goers and critics alike.

The completion of ‘Turbo’s’ production is a testament to the persistent spirit of the filmmaking fraternity, which strives to deliver stories that not only entertain but also resonate with the myriad hues and emotions of life. As the gears shift from production to post-production, the countdown begins for the release date when ‘Turbo’ will make its dash from the editing bays to the silver screens, aiming to capture the imagination and acclaim of cinema enthusiasts across the globe.

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