Mahira Khan dismisses rumours about pregnancy walking out of OTT project

In recent developments, Mahira Khan, the renowned Pakistani actress acclaimed for her role opposite Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Raees’, has addressed and dismissed swirling rumours about her personal life. Social media and various internet forums had been rife with speculation regarding the actress’s supposed pregnancy and her professional decisions, leading Khan to set the record straight.

The origin of the rumours can be traced back to a Reddit post, now erased, authored by an anonymous user. The allegation suggested that following her marriage to Pakistani business magnate Salim Karim, Mahira Khan was expecting her second child. The post amplified the buzz by claiming insider knowledge and stated, “So, I got this news from a close source that she opted out of the esteemed Netflix project alongside a big film as she’s expecting her second child somewhere in August or September.”

Khan’s personal life has often been a subject of public fascination, especially following her October 1 wedding to Karim in Pakistan—a union celebrated and followed keenly by her legion of fans. However, the speculations reached new heights when it was suggested that her pregnancy had led her to step down from her commitment to the forthcoming Netflix series ‘Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo’, as well as another major film project yet to be named.

Recognizing the need for clarity, Mahira Khan addressed the rumours head-on in a conversation with ‘The Express Tribune’. The veracity of the gossip was swiftly undermined by her categorical refutation, “It’s not true that I’m pregnant. And I haven’t left the Netflix series.” This authoritative dismissal from the actress served to quell the unfounded whispers surrounding her personal and professional life.

Mahira Khan’s career has been characterized by her versatility and commitment to her roles. Her continued involvement in ‘Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo’ underscores not only her dedication to her craft but also her unwavering professional ethic amidst personal milestones. Her fanbase, which follows her every move—including her Instagram updates where pictures from her nuptials went viral—can now breathe easy knowing that the actress remains as professionally active as before.

The actress’s journey has not been without its share of challenges. Her marriage to Salim Karim marks a new chapter after her previous marriage to Ali Askari, which concluded in 2015. From that union, she has a son who she frequently refers to as the centre of her world.

In light of questionable rumours, it’s essential to highlight that stories sourced from third-party syndicated feeds or social media should be approached with a degree of skepticism. There is an inherent responsibility to distinguish between conjecture and confirmed news, a distinction that is often blurred in the fast-paced world of online information sharing.

The management of, the original source of the story, has indicated that it bears no responsibility for the content provided by third-party agencies. The news outlet retains absolute discretion to alter or remove content without notice, underscoring the transient nature of such reports.

In summary, Mahira Khan has emphatically denied rumours regarding a purported pregnancy and professional setbacks. Her emphatic response has reaffirmed her status—not only as a leading light of Pakistani cinema but also as an unwavering professional committed to her artistic pursuits, despite what the rumour mill may churn.

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