Kriti Sanon’s Unconventional Path to Bollywood Stardom Despite Initial Doubts from Family

In the glamorous and unpredictable realm of Bollywood, Kriti Sanon has emerged as one of its brightest stars, a feat she achieved within just a few years of entering the industry. Garnering accolades and praise for her acting skills, she recently received the prestigious National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in ‘Mimi’. Sanon’s ascent to stardom, however, was not without its hurdles, especially from within her own family. With both parents deeply rooted in academics—a father who is a Chartered Accountant and a mother, a university professor—their initial reaction to her silver screen aspirations were less than enthusiastic.

During an intimate conversation on Neha Dhupia’s show ‘No Filter Neha’, Sanon opened up about the challenges she faced while persuading her parents to support her acting dream. In the early days, her father viewed modeling as a distraction for a studious and academic-oriented young Kriti. She was required to have her parents sign a contract due to her age when she first forayed into modeling, a preamble to the world of acting.

Despite her father’s reservations, he gradually warmed up to the idea as her modeling work began gaining visibility. Kriti reminisced how her father would proudly gather friends and family around to watch her commercials on television, signaling a shift in his perception.

Her mother’s trepidation, however, stemmed from a different concern. Sanon, a naturally shy individual, faced considerable difficulty in her initial modeling endeavors. She recounted experiences of breaking down in tears after a ramp show gone wrong, and a photoshoot where her nervousness was palpable. Witnessing her daughter’s emotional turmoil, her mother wondered if the industry’s demand for a thick skin was beyond Kriti’s capabilities. She would mention Priyanka Chopra as an exemplar of the industry’s requisite confidence—a quality she felt Kriti might lack.

Despite these initial setbacks and the lack of encouragement from her parents, Sanon slowly built her self-assurance. Overcoming stage fright and teaching herself the confidence needed to survive and thrive in the entertainment business marked her transformation. The very modeling career that caused her much anguish eventually became the stepping stone to her acting ventures. Sanon discovered her love for being in front of the camera through television commercials; an arena that showcased a talent she hadn’t fully realized she possessed.

Sanon asserted that a condition her parents imposed for her to pursue acting professionally was to complete her B-Tech degree, a stipulation she adhered to. This compromise balanced the expectations of her academically oriented family with her own aspirations in the creative field.

Remarkably, Kriti Sanon transitioned from a novice, unsure of her place in the glamor industry, to an award-winning actress revered by audiences and peers alike. The initial skepticism from her family eventually gave way to support and pride as they witnessed her dedication and success. Kriti Sanon’s journey underscores the power of perseverance and the importance of chasing one’s dreams, despite the odds.

Today, with a National award to her name and several successful films under her belt, Kriti Sanon is a testament to the adage that determination and hard work can indeed overcome the most daunting of challenges. Her story serves as an inspiration to countless young aspirants yearning to make their own mark in the world of cinema. What happened later in Sanon’s career is a testament to her relentless pursuit of the celluloid dream—a dream that, despite early discouragement, she never let go of.

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