In an era where cinema often darkens screens with tales of grit and gloom, director Kiran Rao seeks to paint the canvas of film with lighter shades of humor and hope. The esteemed filmmaker, known for her critically acclaimed directorial debut “Dhobi Ghat,” makes a comeback after 14 years with “Laapataa Ladies,” a film that adds a comedic twist to a peculiar incident involving two brides accidentally swapping places during a train journey in rural India.

In a narrative choice that deliberately sways from more somber interpretations of women’s predicaments, Rao presents a story rich in optimism, without ignoring the undercurrents of societal issues. “We’re surrounded by people we admire, and we don’t see enough of them on screen,” Rao expressed in an interview, pinpointing a desire to manifest the often-overlooked goodness of everyday life onto the silver screen.

The director’s journey back to the director’s chair involved its own share of serendipity when her ex-husband, Aamir Khan, inspired by a screenwriting contest he was judging, pitched to her the intriguing premise of two brides whose paths cross and become inadvertent subjects of destiny’s mischief atop a train – an idea that immediately captured Rao’s imagination.

The delicate challenge of maintaining a light-hearted touch without detracting from the nuanced portrayal of realistic characters was a balancing act Rao eagerly embraced. “You feel like you know these people,” Rao remarked, shedding light on her effort to construct relatable, yet flawed characters within a satirical framework.

Rao’s Kindling Productions, alongside Aamir Khan Productions, brought the film to life with an anticipated release date set for March 1. Rao and Khan’s unconventional yet commendable approach to their post-divorce relationship – promoting the film together and sustaining a deep friendship – defies societal norms and underpins their collaborative spirit.

The original story of “Laapataa Ladies” was rooted in drama, but Rao, envisioning greater potential, infused it with humor and emotional depth. The cast features Pratibha Ratna and Nitanshi Goel in the roles of the brides, while Sparsh Shrivastav plays the befuddled husband caught in an unexpected twist. Ravi Kishan embodies the quintessential paan-chewing police officer, a role both he and Khan found resonated with Kishan’s rootedness in the regional dynamics of Bhojpuri cinema.

Set against the backdrop of a quaint village in Madhya Pradesh, circa 2001, an era when mobile phones were rarities and counted as dowry, the story unfolds. It exploits the then-technological limitations to create a believable scenario where resolving the amusing conundrum could believably take days.

Rao’s artistic endeavors extend beyond the completion of “Laapataa Ladies,” with multiple projects simmering towards development. Determined not to fade into obscurity again, she aims to embark on new directorial pursuits later this year, feeding her cinematic passion and the anticipation of her fans.

Produced collaboratively with Jyoti Deshpande, and presented by Jio Studios, “Laapataa Ladies” positions itself as a beacon of levity and a testament to Rao’s directorial acumen. As audiences gear up for its release, Kiran Rao’s film is not only a welcome deviation from oft-treaded pathos but also a joyous celebration of life’s inadvertent escapades.

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