‘Kerala Crime Files’ season 2 goes into production

The suspense-thrilled corridors of Malayalam cinematography resonate with echoes of anticipation as Ahammed Khabeer’s web series, ‘Kerala Crime Files,’ commences production of its much-awaited second season. The series that gained notable attention for its riveting narrative and profound portrayal of a perplexing murder case is set to enthrall audiences once again.

With an eager fan base awaiting the return of the crime-drama, Ahammed Khabeer, the mastermind behind the series, took to the digital sphere to announce the commencement of production. Social media platforms buzzed with activity as Khabeer shared the inaugural glimpse of the series through its first look poster. Enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the genre alike marvel at the intriguing imagery that sets the tone for the upcoming episodes.

Breaking new ground, the filmmaker is not only directing the second season but is also embracing the role of a producer. Under his established production house, Monkey Business, the sequel is poised to breathe new life into the narratives of Kerala’s darker side. The creative ensemble for this series is a testament to the pursuit of cinematic excellence. With a script penned by Bahul Ramesh, audiences can anticipate a well-crafted storyline that seamlessly intertwines with the visual narrative.

Adding to the auditory senses, Hesham Abdul Wahab is set to return with his musical prowess to compose a score that’s as haunting as it is entrancing. The synergy between the music and the unfolding drama is critical for a genre that relies heavily on creating and maintaining suspense. Another key player in shaping the visual storytelling is Jithin Stanislaus, whose role behind the lens as the cinematographer will be to encapsulate the essence of the series through light and shadow. Mahesh Bhuvanend, the editor, faces the daunting task of piecing together a tale that is as fluid as it is shocking, ensuring that the pacing is in perfect harmony with the series’ narrative arc.

The inaugural season introduced viewers to a stellar cast, leading with Aju Varghese’s formidable interpretation of the lead character and supported by an array of talented actors such as Navas Vallikkunnu, Zhinz Shan, Sanju Sanichen, and Rooth P John. This talented roster of performers brought to life a series that did not shy away from the gritty realities of crime investigation, earning the show critical acclaim and audiences’ approval. Details on the new casting for season two are tightly under wraps, but expectations are high for performances that will match or exceed the extraordinary talent seen in the first season.

Disney+ Hotstar, the renowned digital streaming platform, served as the home for the first season and will once again provide a space for the upcoming season to unravel its complex web of mystery and drama. This partnership symbolizes the bridge between traditional Malayalam cinema and the burgeoning landscape of Indian cinema’s digital frontier.

With ‘Kerala Crime Files’ second season greenlit and now marching forward into production, aficionados of the genre are poised for a relentless journey into the heart of Kerala’s most confounding criminal cases. This series not only underscores the artistic capability present in Indian television but also reaffirms the region’s commitment to telling stories that resonate with a global audience, transcending cultural boundaries through the universal language of suspense and drama. As the series enters its production phase, all eyes will undoubtedly remain fixed on any development that emerges from the enigmatic world of ‘Kerala Crime Files’.

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