Katrina on blending the ‘big’ Kaif and Kaushal families: That was the most incredible thing at our wedding

Bollywood star Katrina Kaif recently shared her thoughts on the beautiful amalgamation of her and Vicky Kaushal’s families following their wedding, highlighting a tale of unity and deeply rooted values. During an intimate conversation on Mid-day’s Sit With Hitlist series, Katrina delved into the intricacies of how the joining of two individuals in matrimony is as much about bonding kin as it is about the couple themselves.

Ms. Kaif reminisced on the experience of bringing together their large families, particularly noting the presence of Vicky’s family from Punjab who attended the grand wedding. “The whole family which is in Punjab still who, of course, came to the wedding and who we all got to meet at the wedding, so first of all, it is two big families coming together,” she shared with the interviewer.

Katrina, from a sizable family herself comprising six sisters, expressed amazement at how both families connected during the nuptials. She further praised the upbringing of Vicky and his brother Sunny Kaushal, attributing their well-rounded personas to the remarkable parenting they received. “I just think that his parents have raised the most incredible children. Both Vicky and Sunny are just such grounded, well-balanced incredible young people with their principles in place,” Katrina said proudly.

The question naturally arises whether Vicky Kaushal’s friends felt overshadowed upon meeting the celebrated actress, given her superstar status. Katrina quickly dispelled such thoughts, emphasizing how genuine connections and the time-honored bonds among Vicky’s social circle welcomed her without reservation. She provided insight into the cohesiveness of their friend groups, some of whom have ventured to start lives and careers in New York. “So, even when we travel there, we have a whole kind of group of friends who are really amazing,” she added appreciatively.

In the realm of cinema, Katrina Kaif continues to capture hearts with her recent performance in Sriram Raghavan’s ‘Merry Christmas’, a movie that drew considerable acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Her career in the thriving Indian film industry presently includes being an integral part of the ‘Tiger’ franchise, and she is also a recognized face within the YRF Spy Universe, sharing the screen space with the likes of ‘War’ and ‘Pathaan’.

Katrina Kaif’s personal revelations reflect the normalcy and relatability behind the glittering façades of Bollywood. Her marriage to Vicky stands as an endearing reminder that at the foundation of high-profile celebrity unions are the fundamental joys and complexities of family life. It offers a glimpse into harmonious familial relationships that are built not just on the foundations of love between two people but extend out to incorporate the warmth and acceptance of entire households coming together.

In an industry often characterized by drifting connections and flashbulb moments, stories like Katrina and Vicky’s embody the enduring spirit of companionship and familial bonds. Their wedding serves as a confluence not only of love and commitment but of traditional values and a profound sense of grounding amidst a world of constant change and limelight.

As Katrina Kaif continues to chart her journey through both the realms of personal fulfillment and professional achievements, her reflections serve as a stirring testament to the harmony and unity achievable when two worlds, two families, intertwine. It is a narrative that transcends the ephemeral and anchors in the timeless ethos of love, family, and togetherness.

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