Kareena Kapoor Mary Kom and others bat for women’s cricket: ‘It’s time to celebrate our girls’

A formidable ensemble of influential women, hailing from various professional spheres, has joined forces to champion the cause of women’s cricket. Among them is the Bollywood luminary Kareena Kapoor Khan, the legendary boxer MC Mary Kom, the celebrated designer Masaba Gupta, the dynamic entrepreneur Vineeta Singh, and the astute journalist Faye D-Souza. This mélange of leading ladies has taken to social media, in collaboration with the renowned sports brand PUMA, to extol the upcoming Women’s Premier League (WPL) event as a hallmark moment for women’s sports.

In a fervent appeal made through a video post on Instagram, these women made the case for the vital need for increased viewership and support for women’s cricket matches. They underscored a striking statistic: a mere 18% of the women who are fans of men’s cricket tune in to watch female cricket athletes. The message disseminated was clear: the time has come for women to bind together, shift the narrative, and exuberantly celebrate their female athletes. The rallying call was for all to attend what has been christened “the biggest ladies’ night ever” scheduled for 10th March, when the Delhi Capitals face the Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Arun Jaitley Stadium.

Their call to action implores the audience to make this event “a night to remember,” an emblematic showcase of solidarity and enthusiasm for women excelling in a domain long dominated by their male counterparts. It is a clarion call for positive change, urging the audience to help alter the underwhelming statistics and to create an environment where women’s sports are as celebrated and anticipated as those of men’s.

Beyond her efforts to promote the WPL, Kareena Kapoor Khan remains immersed in her work within the Indian film industry. Her upcoming project ‘Crew,’ featuring her alongside actresses Tabu and Kriti Sanon, has been generating considerable buzz. With a planned release on March 29, 2024, the film, directed by Rajesh Krishnan and under the banner of Balaji Telefilms and Anil Kapoor Film & Communications Network, presents an intriguing narrative following three audacious air hostesses who find themselves entwined in a comical and chaotic voyage.

The movie promises an array of hijinks, as the trio – portrayed as “bada**” air hostesses – engage in a slew of antics from petty theft of in-flight peanut boxes to elaborate schemes, all aimed at commandeering the spotlight. The trailer teases the audience with a potent blend of comedy and turmoil, highlighted by Tabu’s character as she humorously delivers a tirade to unsuspecting passengers, leaving them forewarned of the raucous adventure ahead.

The actress’s repertoire continues to expand as Kareena Kapoor Khan not only graces the big screen but also makes her foray into production with ‘The Buckingham Murders,’ a crime thriller directed by Hansal Mehta. Additionally, she will re-enter Rohit Shetty’s commanding cop universe with ‘Singham Again,’ affirming her versatile presence in the world of cinema.

These multi-talented women, combining their substantial influence and passion, strive to forge a space where the achievements of female athletes are lauded and where women’s cricket is no longer relegated to the periphery of sports fandom. Their concerted advocacy is a powerful testament to the growing movement for gender equality in sports, aiming for a future where support and admiration for female athletes become as commonplace and spirited as that of their male counterparts.

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