Karan Singh Grover reveals he was shooting for ‘Fighter’ when daughter Devi underwent surgery: ‘I did not handle it very well’

In an unexpectedly emotional revelation, Bollywood actor Karan Singh Grover has shared how a personal crisis cast a shadow over his professional commitments. Grover, one of the prominent faces of the recently released action movie ‘Fighter,’ disclosed the taxing emotional toll he faced while his infant daughter Devi underwent heart surgery. The actor, who was acting alongside a star-studded ensemble, including Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, found himself grappling with the severe reality of his child’s illness whilst maintaining a brave face on set.

Further delving into those trying times, Karan Singh Grover described the immense challenge of focusing on his craft in the midst of his daughter’s medical emergency. “At the start of each filming schedule, there was this heavy dread, a reluctance to work because of the gravity of what was happening at home,” he confided in an interview with India Today. Grover candidly admitted his difficulty in managing the situation, likening his emotional state to being ‘like water on the floor,’ overwhelmed and directionless.

It was his wife, the actress Bipasha Basu, who emerged as his pillar of strength during this crisis. Grover is effusive about the immense support Basu provided, “It’s because of Bipasha that I got the strength to kind of go through that and still be here,” he said, revealing that the thought of death seemed easier to confront than the turmoil he experienced due to his daughter’s surgery.

Grover and Basu, among Bollywood’s most adored couples, audited their hearts and home to baby Devi in November of 2022. Recollections of Basu reflect a journal of pain laced with parental devotion. In a heartfelt confession on Instagram Live with Neha Dhupia, she narrated how the discovery of Devi’s condition mere days after her birth was a crushing blow. “For a new mother, it’s an unimaginable trial to know your baby is born with a fragile heart,” Basu disclosed. She made the personal public to extend a bond to other mothers, showcasing a fortitude that belies her composed demeanor.

While Basu demonstrated an admirable readiness to face the ensuing medical decisions and procedures, her husband was almost incapacitated by the situation. Despite their belief in positive thoughts and healing, the harsh reality of their daughter’s condition remained unchanged after the first two months. By the third month, Basu, armed with extensive research and consultations, was prepared for the inevitable surgery. Grover’s acceptance evolved more slowly, but eventual gratefulness for the surgeons’ skill and successful treatment was shared by both.

Presently, ‘Fighter’ soars through cinemas, garnering applause for performances, notably Karan Singh Grover’s. Nonetheless, behind the glitz of the silver screen lay the endurance of a father who balanced the complex interplay of life’s most poignant roles. This off-screen, real-life narrative of struggle, resilience, and ultimate gratitude eclipses even the most gripping cinematic storylines.

The couple’s journey reminds us of the fragility of life and the indomitable spirit of love. As the audience cheer for the heroes on screen, little do they know that, for Grover, the true victory is in his daughter’s smile and healthful presence. With Devi’s condition now stable, Grover and Basu continue to share their lives’ highs and lows, reinforcing the notion that some of life’s fiercest battles are fought, and won, with love and courage.

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