Kangana Ranuat calls Twinkle Khanna ‘privileged brat’ takes a dig at her film career

The digital sphere became a battleground for differing views on feminism this week, as Bollywood’s Kangana Ranaut expressed her disapproval of Twinkle Khanna’s perspective on gender equality. The confrontation ignited when Ranaut encountered a video where Khanna, an actress turned author known for her sharp wit, was seen discussing her approach to feminism at a public event.

Ranaut swiftly took to her Instagram stories, choosing Wednesday to share the contentious clip of Twinkle Khanna. In the footage, Khanna speaks candidly about her personal journey towards understanding feminism, attributing the shaping of her views to her upbringing by her mother, the esteemed actress Dimple Kapadia. According to Khanna, she was taught that a man’s presence in a woman’s life was akin to a desirable accessory rather than a necessity, a sentiment that she humorously likened to choosing between a nice handbag and settling for a plastic bag.

This comparison, along with Khanna’s further observations on the perceived natural weaknesses of men, such as baldness and their generally shorter lifespan compared to women, did not resonate well with Ranaut. Always one to voice her opinions unequivocally, the ‘Queen’ actress called out Khanna, labeling her a ‘privileged brat’ for her comments. In a charged message, Ranaut questioned the authenticity of what she considered the elite’s version of feminism, challenging Twinkle’s disparagement of men and the notion of motherhood she perceived to be implicit in Khanna’s remarks.

Ranaut was particularly incensed by Khanna’s light-hearted assertion that most women outlive men and thus should ‘feel a little sorry for them.’ To Ranaut, such statements seemed to undermine the principles of gender equality that feminism advocates for. This led her to pose a rhetorical question, asking what it truly means to be a feminist—in Ranaut’s view, certainly not someone who wishes to demean men or undervalue the joys of motherhood.

Twinkle Khanna, who initially followed in the footsteps of her illustrious parents, superstar Rajesh Khanna and actress Dimple Kapadia, came to the realization that acting did not fulfill her creative aspirations. She gracefully exited the spotlight of the film industry in 2001, following her appearance in ‘Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega.’ Embracing her passion for writing, Khanna later flourished as an author, displaying an engaging, and oftentimes, provocative brand of humor in her works. Her latest offering to the literary world, ‘Welcome To Paradise’, debuted in 2023.

Despite their shared beginnings in Bollywood, Ranaut and Khanna have followed divergent paths, with their recent online interaction highlighting a clash of ideologies. Ranaut’s vocal disdain for what she perceives as the shallow and flippant treatment of feminist ideals by individuals born into privilege has hit a nerve across social media. Her fierce response underscores the ongoing debate about the interpretation and implementation of feminism, stirring conversations over the role and representation of women in modern society.

This exchange has not only fueled a firestorm of debates on gender roles and feminism but also placed a spotlight on two influential figures who mirror the complexity and diversity of thought that exists within the feminist movement. As differing opinions and lived experiences continue to shape the discourse, what remains clear is that feminism, in its quest for equality, continues to be a charged and deeply personal topic that invites scrutiny, introspection, and, at times, heated controversy.

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