Kangana Ranaut Shares Heartfelt Woes as Mentor Sadhguru Faces Health Crisis

In a profound expression of distress, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut revealed the depth of her despair upon learning about the emergency brain surgery of her spiritual guide, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of the Isha Foundation. The surgery was necessitated due to significant swelling and hemorrhage in his brain, prompting urgent medical intervention at Apollo Hospital, Delhi. Kangana, taking to social media, disclosed her emotional state to her followers.

Circulating a video of the revered leader from his hospital confines, the actress penned a message indicating her shock and anguish: “I am numb since I got to know about it from Radhe, Sadguru ji not only hosted the massive Shivratri event in that excruciating pain but also refused to skip any meeting or summit… Get well soon, we are nothing without you.” The emotion-laden post underscored her deep connection to Sadhguru, whom she considers an integral part of her and her fellow devotees’ lives.

The distress did not end there; Kangana continued to share her existential turmoil upon witnessing her mentor in a vulnerable state: “Today when I saw Sadhguru ji lay on ICU bed I was suddenly hit by the mortal nature of his existence, before this it never occurred to me that he is bones, blood, flesh just like us. I felt God has collapsed, I felt earth has shifted, sky has abandoned me, I feel my head spinning, I can’t make sense of this reality and choose not to believe this but then suddenly I break down, today millions of people (devotees) share my grief, I want to share my pain with you all, I am not able to contain it. He better be fine or sun won’t rise, earth won’t move. This moment hangs lifeless and still…”

Her poignant remarks reflected a shared sentiment among numerous followers of Sadhguru, revealing the deep impact he has made on their spiritual journey. This collective anxiety underscores the guru’s expansive influence and the dependence of his disciples on his teachings and presence.

On the fateful day of March 17th, Sadhguru was swiftly administered medical attention as his neurological condition deteriorated rapidly. Doctors Dr. Vinit Suri, Dr. Pranav Kumar, Dr. Sudheer Tyagi, and Dr. S Chatterjee promptly performed critical surgery to address the cerebral bleeding. Following the operation, Sadhguru was successfully removed from the ventilator and has since exhibited consistent improvement in his brain functions, body, and essential health parameters.

Kangana’s reaction to Sadhguru’s health scare is understandable, given not only her devotion to him but also the timing of her current professional ventures. Kangana is on the cusp of exciting cinematic endeavors, ready to reunite on-screen with actor R Madhavan in an upcoming pan-India psychological thriller. The project, steered by ‘Thalaivii’ director Vijay, is eagerly anticipated to release in both Hindi and Tamil, aiming to captivate a diverse audience base.

This pair of powerhouse actors previously showcased their electric chemistry in the much-loved films ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and its sequel. The buzz surrounding this new offering suggests high expectations for another compelling performance. Additionally, Kangana’s artistic journey will continue as she steps into the role of director for the first time with the upcoming period drama ‘Emergency.’

The heartfelt reaction of Kangana Ranaut to the health struggles of Sadhguru underscores the interwoven nature of personal beliefs and public personas. As her mentor faces his greatest health challenge, Kangana’s outpouring of emotion underscores their deep bond, and her upcoming cinematic ventures promise further explorations of the human experience, both on and off the screen. (With inputs from ANI)

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