The multifaceted Kangana Ranaut, India’s formidable actor-turned-politician, is under the microscope of netizens and rivals alike for her dietary preferences, a focal point of contention concerning her recent political affiliations and her proclaimed spiritual lifestyle. The icon of Indian cinema, who has recently embarked upon a journey in the political realm by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), found her social media posts subjected to intense scrutiny as claims of her beef consumption surfaced, causing a stir among her followers and critics. This has prompted Kangana to launch a staunch defense of her personal choices, declaring herself a “proud Hindu” who abstains from beef and all forms of red meat.

Kangana Ranaut, whose powerhouse performances have earned her critical acclaim and a formidable fan following, shared a vehement post on social media platform X, dismissing the allegations as groundless and shameful. The actor, known for her strong character roles and equally uncompromising real-life persona, articulated her position, signaling a blend of personal beliefs and image management amidst her foray into the politically charged electoral fray. “I don’t consume beef or any other kind of red meat, it is shameful that completely baseless rumours are being spread about me,” Kangana elaborated. Her emphasis on an Ayurvedic and yogic way of life underlined her stance, reflecting a commitment that stretches back decades, one that she believes will shield her image from tarnishment in the public eye and political arena.

Netizens, unrelentingly vigilant and ever in pursuit of inconsistencies, dredged up an old tweet from Kangana, dating back to 2019, before her vegetarian and yogic conversion had prevailed. In the contentious tweet, Kangana had mentioned, “There is nothing wrong with eating beef or eating any other meat. It’s not about religion!” Contrasting her past views with current assertions, the tweet juxtaposed Kangana’s personal evolution over the years and her brother’s dietary habits, who continues to consume meat.

Adding fuel to the fire, a picture posted by Kangana herself in 2019 showed her enjoying a traditional Rajasthani dish, laal maas, known to be prepared with red meat. This has led to a murmur of accusations questioning the veracity of her current avowals and an attempt to reframe her public image in light of her steadfast declaration.

Political opponents have not hesitated to capitalize on this opportunity to assail the actor’s credibility. Vijay Wadettiwar, a leader from the Congress Party, insinuated that Kangana had previously professed her fondness for beef in past tweets, dampening her political prospects and raising eyebrows post her candidature announcement for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In choosing to represent the Mandi constituency, Kangana situates herself at a critical junction where her personal life choices bear implications for her political career within a party that harbors strong sentiments concerning beef consumption.

Amid the tumult, Kangana is gearing up for her upcoming project ‘Emergency,’ set to debut her solo directorial skills. The film delves into the historical narrative of India’s former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, essayed by Kangana herself. The anticipated feature film will star eminent names from the industry, including Anupam Kher, Mahima Chaudhry, Vishak Nair, and Shreyas Talpade in lead roles.

As the maelstrom of public discourse ensues, Kangana’s avowal to her Hindu identity and dietary principles stands as a testament to the complex interplay of personal beliefs, public image, and political ideology. The actor-turned-politician’s controversy over dietary choices opens a window into the wider debate on personal freedom, religious identity, and political expediency in contemporary India. With inputs from ANI, this narrative continues to unfold as Kangana navigates the choppy waters of celebrity, spirituality, and now, politics.

By IPL Agent

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