Kangana Ranaut Claps Back at Career Change Speculations Amidst Political Foray

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has forcefully responded to critics and online commentators who suggested her recent move toward politics was due to unsuccessful films. Ranaut, known for her no-nonsense attitude, addressed the allegations head-on by maintaining that her demand in the film industry remains unchanged. Citing the unpredictability of the industry and drawing parallels with megastar Shah Rukh Khan’s career trajectory, she articulated, “No one in the whole world faces such situations. Shah Rukh Khan had no successful films for 10 years, then Pathaan worked. I had no successful films for eight years, then Queen worked, followed by Manikarnika. Even now, there might be a very successful hit. Nowadays, this doesn’t happen.’’

Equating herself and Khan to the ‘last generations of stars’, Ranaut also shared a stern view on the emerging OTT platforms, doubting their capacity to create stars like traditional cinema has. The outspoken actress emphasized that both she and Khan have withstood the test of time, asserting they remain in high demand by the grace of God.

In related news, the cinematic universe is abuzz with the announcement that Bobby Deol is set to assume the role of a villain in Alia Bhatt’s forthcoming spy thriller. This yet-untitled project, co-starring Sharvari, is set to expand the successful spy franchise established by Yash Raj Films. Fans are eager for the onscreen confrontation, marking Deol’s second transition into a darker character after his performance in Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal”.

Rasika Dugal, celebrated for her roles in critically acclaimed series like “Mirzapur” and “Delhi Crime”, reflected on her acting journey at a recent film festival. Dugal expressed a fondness for the filmmaking landscape of the 1960s but acknowledged the opportunities the modern digital age has offered for actors like herself. Since her career inception post-graduation in 2006, she recognized the lowering costs of production and the rise in digital filming as factors that have made contemporary acting a very appealing profession.

Turning back the clock, fans of Hrithik Roshan may find themselves taken aback by the revelation that the actor’s son, Hrehaan, is now an adult. Celebrating his 18th birthday in Goa with family, images on social media captured this milestone event which was attended by Roshan’s ex-wife, Sussanne Khan, current girlfriend, Saba Azad, and other celebrities.

Boman Irani, known for his diverse performances, candidly spoke about embracing failure. At a film festival, he shared, “Every week, there is one failure. My naivety is in full bloom, even at the age of 64. And that naivety is the only thing that helps me succeed and fail.” He delved into his experiences with navigating the film industry, preferring persistence over playing the victim, which he considers detrimental.

Addressing ongoing rumors regarding her personal life, Parineeti Chopra used humor and irony to confront speculation about her being pregnant. Using social media, she itemized different outfits connected to pregnancy rumors, shedding light on the unwanted scrutiny public figures face about their private choices.

In a delightful twist of traditional roles, Aditi Rao Hydari shared her engagement to actor Siddharth, with a post saying, “He said yes. Engaged,” thereby challenging societal norms and earning praise for taking the lead in proposal customs. This announcement followed mixed reports regarding their marital status.

Lastly, Hema Malini, the iconic Basanti from the 1975 classic “Sholay”, continues to resonate with her legendary film persona as she contends for a third term as a Lok Sabha MP. Despite an illustrious career spanning over 200 films, Malini embraces the enduring legacy of her roles, embodying the spirit of an artist, dancer, and politician all in one.

As these established and emerging stories from the world of Bollywood unfold, the rich tapestry of Indian cinema continues to captivate audiences both at home and abroad.

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