Jessica Biel Joins Forces with Elizabeth Banks in Prime Video’s Adaptation of ‘The Better Sister’

Hollywood luminaries Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Banks are embarking on a thrilling new journey in the world of television, as they are slated to take the lead roles in a forthcoming series, ‘The Better Sister’, set to grace the screens of Prime Video. This electrifying thriller, under the joint banner of Tomorrow Studios and Amazon MGM Studios, is an adaptation of Alafair Burke’s acclaimed novel bearing the same title.

The series is taking shape under the creative guidance of showrunners Olivia Milch and Regina Corrado, who will also contribute as executive producers. The narrative will unfurl through the dynamic lens of Craig Gillespie’s directorship, setting the stage for a suspenseful drama that intertwines the lives of two sisters with a chilling family mystery.

In the words of Prime Video’s press release, ‘The Better Sister’ is a narrative that delves into the tumultuous lives of Chloe and Nicky, two sisters whose relationship is tested by a series of unfortunate events. The official synopsis reveals a plot thick with intrigue and familial tension: “Chloe, played by Biel, seemingly has it all—a charming lawyer husband, Adam, and their teenage son Ethan. Completing her life’s picture is her estranged sister Nicky, portrayed by Banks, whose world is on the edge, as she strives to stay afloat and sober. The brutal murder of Chloe’s husband sends ripples of suspicion across the family, uncovering dark secrets that have long been buried.”

This captivating plot invites viewers into a complex web of betrayal, secrets, and the undeniable bond of family. Biel’s and Banks’ riveting performances are likely to marvel audiences, showcasing their character’s unique strengths and vulnerabilities, as they navigate these treacherous waters.

The casts’ stellar production team incorporates several executive producers, including Gillespie and Annie Marter through Fortunate Jack Productions, as well as the principal duo Banks and Biel, accompanied by Michelle Purple. Prime production efforts are also placed in the capable hands of Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements, and Alissa Bachner through Tomorrow Studios.

Jessica Biel, an Emmy-nominated actress and meticulous producer, brings an impressive portfolio to the project. Known for her roles in critically acclaimed movies such as ‘Hitchcock’ and ‘The Illusionist’, as well as popular blockbuster films including ‘New Year’s Eve’ and ‘The A-Team’, she has also made significant waves on the small screen. Her foray into television has been marked with notable performances in ‘The Sinner’ and ‘Limetown’, alongside Stanley Tucci. Fresh off her titular role in ‘Candy’, she is poised to appear next to stars like Ethan Hawke and Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Batso’.

Elizabeth Banks, a multifaceted talent in the industry, is celebrated for her versatility as an actress, producer, writer, and director. With a roster of projects ranging from the blockbuster ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise to the critical hit ‘Mrs. America’, and memorable guest spots in ’30 Rock’ and ‘Modern Family’, Banks has carved out her place in Hollywood’s heart. Her directorial debut came with the box-office success ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, leading to her role in producing the franchise through Brownstone Productions, alongside her husband Max Handelman.

Her directorial prowess has recently been showcased in the comedy-thriller ‘Cocaine Bear’, and she’s also produced the MGM-beloved ‘Bottoms’. Banks’ on-screen charisma was prominently featured in ‘Call Jane’ with Sigourney Weaver, and ‘The Beanie Bubble’ alongside Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Snook. Looking forward, Banks is set to appear in ‘A Mistake’, directed by Christine Jeffs, and ‘Skincare’, directed by Austin Peters. Not one to limit her talents, Banks will also lead the voice cast of the ‘The Flintstones’ spin-off series ‘Bedrock’ and is poised to direct a modern-day adaptation of the 1985 dance comedy ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’.

Together, Biel and Banks herald ‘The Better Sister’ as a potentially momentous addition to Prime Video’s library of original content, promising to delivery a thrilling and dramatic exploration of the complexities of sisterhood against a backdrop of mystery and suspense. Through their performances, viewers can anticipate a series that engulfs them in its narrative, both through its emotional depth and suspenseful twists.

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