Jennifer Connelly Elaborates on Multiverse Love in AppleTV+ Series ‘Dark Matter’

AppleTV+ is poised to launch an intriguing journey across reality’s fabric with the series ‘Dark Matter,’ casting a narrative glow on the perplexing multiverse theory. In this scientific thriller, a physicist named Jason Dessen, portrayed by Joel Edgerton, experiences a reality warp as he is mysteriously abducted into an alternate existence of his own life. From the show’s opening episode, it becomes apparent that the source of his abduction is none other than another version of himself. This complex plot, lifted from Blake Crouch’s best-selling novel with the same title, offers more than just the suspense and intrigue of a dimension-hopping thriller—it also tenderly examines the portrait of a marriage.

During an insightful Zoom interview with The Hindu, Jennifer Connelly, the actress who breathes life into Jason’s wife Daniela, describes the series as a profound look at the enduring bonds of matrimony. She views it as the story of “a man who is fighting to get home to the family he loves.” It’s a tale made all the more compelling by the fact that this family’s reality diverges from the one Jason originally inhabited.

The world premiere of ‘Dark Matter’ took place in Los Angeles, California, where Connelly, alongside Edgerton and their young co-star Oakes Fegley, unveiled the series that promises to captivate audiences with its multidimensional storytelling. In the narrative, Jason frantically searches for Daniela in the multiple strands of his splintered life. The tale juxtaposes two vivid incarnations of Daniela: in one, she is a working mother anchored in a familial world with Jason, while in another reality, she blooms as a flourishing artist who chose not to marry.

Connelly, who secured an Academy Award for her performance as Alicia Nash in ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ was enticed by the prospect of portraying such multifaceted characters within the same role. She found excitement in the challenge of crafting Daniela’s different personas, shaped by divergent paths and life experiences. Despite the circumstantial changes, Connelly stresses that Daniela retains her essence across realities—her warmth, creativity, and openness—bound by an undeniable connection to Jason that weaves through each version of her life.

Despite her diverse film repertoire including notable credits such as ‘Requiem for a Dream,’ ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ and the TV series ‘Snowpiercer,’ Connelly emphasizes that her approach to each of her characters is fresh, unhindered by her past portrayals or personal life. With each new role, she intends to meet the material from a unique personal place, eschewing reliance on previous characters who may have found themselves in similar predicaments.

A pivotal aspect of Daniela’s character in ‘Dark Matter’ is the grief she navigates. Connelly’s approach to depicting this emotional terrain is to tap into universal emotions that resonate collectively rather than rely solely on Daniela’s specific circumstances. For her, it’s about touching a place of shared humanity that viewers can relate to on a personal level.

Her acting process involves a deep dive into the psyche of these characters, attempting to understand and manifest them as tangibly as possible. When performing a scene, Connelly commits wholly to the characters’ experiences, rather than intentionality reproducing her own reactions in those situations.

As the much-awaited series, ‘Dark Matter,’ readies for its global premiere on Apple TV+ on May 8, Connelly expresses a passion for the empathetic exploration her role necessitates. Through the portrayal of Daniela, she delves into comprehending a life distinct from her own, complete with unique circumstances, underscoring the transformative power of her craft. With this exciting new production, English and world cinema enthusiasts await a profound and multidimensional tale that seamlessly blurs the boundaries of love, reality, and the quintessential human experience.

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