Introducing Thigh Jewellery: A Bold Twist at Lakme Fashion Week by Valliyan

On the third day of Lakmē Fashion Week x FDCI, eyes were not just glued to the catwalk, but also to the unconventional adornments modelled on the thighs of the runway models. Nitya Arora, the innovative mind behind the jewellery label Valliyan, introduced a new niche in accessories with her awe-inspiring thigh jewellery—thighlets—that became an instant sensation at the celebrated event.

A Valliyan presentation is known to transcend traditional fashion boundaries, and this show, dubbed Valliyan 5.0, was no exception. The enchanting fusion of Arora’s vibrant and bold creations with an upbeat performance had audience members enraptured, as they were taken on a journey celebrating inclusivity and self-expression.

Imbibing the essence of community recognition, the Valliyan wink and nod become apparent when adorned with a piece of Arora’s creation. The label’s unisex, hand-crafted pieces boast a mix of materials like acrylic, glass, semi-precious stones, copper, and brass. These dramatic pieces act as a form of activism, worn on the body and speaking volumes of acceptance and disruptive elegance.

Arora’s connection with her clientele and fans is strong, especially within the queer community, where her designs have been celebrated for their camp aesthetics. “Your jewellery is so camp, girl. We love it!” This is the type of admiration Arora frequently receives, with her work’s larger-than-life spirit serving as an ally to drag culture—a celebration of transformative expression.

True to this form, Arora’s latest fashion week showcase was a tribute to drag culture in collaboration with Dragalactiq—a collective of queer performing artists—and drag queen Glorious Luna. RuPaul’s Drag Race audio clips provided the backdrop for the performance, echoing the world of performance art where Arora draws much inspiration for her designs.

With the jewellery range this season, Arora unveiled an inventive interplay between nature and technology. She delved into the world of insects, drawing inspiration from bees, beetles, and the transformative butterfly. Her work seeks to acknowledge these creatures, often viewed as insignificant, yet vital to our ecosystem.

However, the highlight of her collection were the thighlets. These novel pieces defy convention by draping artfully over the thighs, a departure from the conventional jewellery we’re accustomed to seeing on wrists, ears, and necks. Arora challenges the norm with bold abstract art pieces, serving both as adornments and conversation starters.

The Valliyan display leaves behind the daintiness associated with jewellery for a more avant-garde aesthetic. For Arora, to wear thighlets is not just a fashion statement but a playful nod to emerging trends like short shorts and miniskirts that dominate the fashion narrative.

Indeed, Arora’s thighlets became one of the significant highlights of the event, drawing attention to the potential of every inch of the body as a canvas for art and individualism. It emphasized that jewellery need not conform to traditional standards of location and form factor, and can instead be a representation of one’s boldness and creativity.

The Valliyan show at Lakme Fashion Week x FDCI certainly marked a new chapter in the adornment of the body. Nitya Arora’s thighlets could well symbolize a new era where traditions are redefined, and the ethos of beauty and adornment are given a new contour, aligning fashion more closely with personal expression and technological advancement in design.

As trends come and go, Arora’s Valliyan makes a case for the constant evolution of fashion by suggesting that perhaps ‘thigh’s the limit’ is the past; now, the limit does not exist.

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