In the heart of Hyderabad, a cultural revolution is taking shape, spearheaded by the city-based Independent Music Platform (IMP). This social networking music streaming platform is stepping into the limelight to address a longstanding void in the city’s cultural offerings – the need for a dedicated stage for independent artists. The founders of IMP are on a quest to honor the rich tapestry of local music through the inception of the IMP-X Festival, marking a new chapter for Hyderabad’s indie music enthusiasts.

Siddharth Bhargav, the Chief Executive Officer at IMP, is the visionary behind this bold initiative. “The genesis of the IMP-X Festival was our collective passion for Hyderabad’s independent music scene. We envisioned a homegrown festival brand that not only showcases but also nurtures the immense talent within our city, delivering an extraordinary musical escapade,” he expressed.

Slated for March 16, the maiden Homegrown Music Festival will be hosted at the illustrious Prism and Odeum by Prism venues in Hyderabad. Attendees will be treated to an auditory feast across three stages – the Main stage, Indie Arena, and Hip-hop/Electronica stage. The festival promises an exhilarating lineup of over 100 local and national artists, with 34 acts covering a spectrum of genres. The roster includes prestigious groups such as Indian Ocean and Agnee who command the national spotlight, as well as Hyderabad’s own musical treasures like Nawab Gang, Chowraasta, and Damini Bhatla.

The selection process for the festival was nothing short of meticulous, with extensive brainstorming sessions to decide the number and type of stages, as well as the genre representation. “Our aim is to spotlight artists who not only exhibit astounding musical talents but also deliver electrifying live performances that resonate with the essence of our festival. Securing headliners presented its challenges, yet the gleaming endorsement from acclaimed bands like Indian Ocean and Agnee fortifies our lineup. We take pride in our curatorial approach, which goes beyond mere popularity or social media statistics, to ensure our attendees indulge in a uniquely mesmerizing experience,” elaborated Siddharth.

The ambition of the IMP team doesn’t halt within the confines of Hyderabad. Their plan is to take the X-Festival to new heights, expanding its reach across the Indian subcontinent. “X-Festival harbors a distinctive mission statement that differentiates it from other festivals. Each edition, in every city, will introduce a fresh line-up of artists, with a pronounced emphasis on highlighting local musical talents. India boasts of a wealth of undiscovered artists – they are the hidden gems we aim to showcase, eventually culminating in intriguing collaborations nationwide,” Siddharth shared with fervent optimism.

But more than just music, the festival is set to enthrall with a ‘Bazaar’ featuring over 20 stalls championing both nascent and established businesses. Moreover, in a thoughtful move to cater to all ages, there will be a dedicated fun zone infused with activities tailored just for children, ensuring a family-friendly atmosphere throughout the festival.

As the day dawns on March 16, Prism and Odeum by Prism in Hyderabad’s Financial District will be transformed into a vibrant hub of indie culture. The festivities commence at noon, with tickets available for a modest ₹499 via The IMP-X Festival is not merely a concert; it’s a burgeoning movement, ready to echo through the corridors of Hyderabad’s music history.

By IPL Agent

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