Hyderabad’s Emerging Artist Entrepreneurs Host Inspiring Workshops

The adage ‘small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises,’ attributed to the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes, perfectly encapsulates the journey of five self-taught artists in Hyderabad. These enterprising individuals have transformed their artistic passions into burgeoning businesses, offering creative workshops to the growing number of art enthusiasts in their city.

Alisha Avasthi, originally from Erode in Tamil Nadu, discovered the joy of fabric painting during a school summer camp, which gradually blossomed as she pursued a B. Tech and MBA. It was not until a chance encounter with Debasree Dey, a like-minded traveler, that Alisha’s concept for an art-focused venture took shape. In March 2023, Alisha launched Inspiring Pigments, hosting over 40 weekend workshops in the friendly confines of local cafes and breweries. The inclusive atmosphere of these two-hour guided sessions makes art accessible, appealing to novices and those rekindling a childhood fondness for creativity. Alisha emphasizes self-expression over replication, encouraging budding artists to personalize their work, much to their amazement and delight.

Marzia Ali, a psychology and mass communication graduate, grew up surrounded by art, inspired by her artist-mother Mumtaz Jusaf. Marrying psychological principles with her artistic endeavors, Marzia began her entrepreneurial quest as an Astro artist and later created the ‘Duende Box’ art subscription service. Although temporarily halted by the pandemic, Marzia channeled her resilience into launching ‘Marzia Ali – the art label,’ conducting workshops across Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Her repertoire includes sessions on jesmonite, resin, alcohol ink, and fluid art, not only catering to individuals but also corporations like Google and Fabindia. She believes in the perpetuity of art, aspiring to share her knowledge and foster her mother’s legacy.

In another creative corner of Hyderabad, friends-turned-business partners Puja Das and Prodipta Ghosh saw the potential for Almanac, a platform conceived over coffee to convey their passion for art. In just 18 months, they created a database of over a thousand students, organized diverse art sessions, and curated events. Hyderabad’s burgeoning interest in art encouraged them to cater to learners of all expertise levels. They insist their workshops serve a dual purpose, allowing participants to socialize and embrace a unique art experience while learning the technicalities of various art forms.

Completing this group of artist entrepreneurs, Palugula Pranathee, with a degree in biotechnology, pivoted from lab work to painting during the 2020 lockdown. Her love for art was rekindled after participating in a 100-day painting challenge on social media. Pranathee now conducts workshops that focus on the therapeutic and relaxing aspects of art, making it accessible and enjoyable for her 300+ students.

These five artists exemplify the transformative power of embracing small opportunities and the resulting positive ripple effect in their community. Each workshop they conduct not only strengthens their individual businesses but also creates a vibrant ecosystem where art can thrive, touching the lives of participants with the brushstrokes of relaxation, creativity, and connection. In the cultural tapestry of Hyderabad, these workshops represent an inspiring weave of entrepreneurial spirit and artistic expression, underlining the city’s growing reputation as a haven for creative growth and exploration.

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