Hrithik Roshan shares photo with crutch and brace girlfriend Saba Azad says ‘My love you a giant’

In an honest confession that took the internet by surprise, Bollywood’s charismatic star Hrithik Roshan shared a thought-provoking reflection on the notion of strength and vulnerability. The actor, who is revered for his robust on-screen personas and hailed as one of the industry’s most durable action heroes, found himself grappling with a more personal battle when he recently sustained a muscle injury. The moment led him to ponder over deeply ingrained societal expectations about men and their perceived strengths.

Taking to Instagram on a serene Wednesday afternoon, Roshan posted a mirror selfie, which was unlike the usual dapper and poised images fans are accustomed to seeing. The actor stood with the aid of crutches and an unmistakable brace, physical manifestations of his temporary setback. With this photo, he opened the doors to a larger, more intimate conversation about masculinity and its complexities.

The caption accompanying his post was laden with introspection and a touch of concern that resonated well beyond his personal struggle. “Good afternoon. How many of you out there ever needed to be on crutches or a wheelchair and how did that make you feel?” he began, inviting his followers to join him in this dialogue.

Roshan recounted a poignant memory of his grandfather, who stoically refused the assistance of a wheelchair at the airport, fearing it would tarnish his image of strength. In his narrative, Roshan confronted the unease and helplessness he felt when his attempts to reason with his grandfather were met with unyielding resolve to maintain a façade of invulnerability.

The actor articulated his perspective on the harsh conditionings of societal expectations placed on men. He acknowledged the virtue in such mental fortitudes—likening it to a soldier’s mentality—which has been passed down through generations in his family. However, Roshan also challenged this idea that needing support, such as crutches or a wheelchair, weakens the essence of a man. “But if you say soldiers never need crutches… just for the sake of keeping the illusion of strength intact, then I just think that the virtue has been stretched so far that it borders on plain stupidity,” he asserted with candid conviction.

Roshan’s message took a philosophical turn as he defined true strength not as the ability to endure against all odds, with a theatrical bravado akin to Rambo, but as the quite internal struggle between one’s self-image and reality. He spoke candidly about the need to re-evaluate strength as a quality that doesn’t diminish due to physical vulnerabilities or societal perceptions.

This vulnerability resonated with his fans and loved ones, prompting a wave of support and admiration. Among the voices cheering for his speedy recovery was Saba Azad, his girlfriend, who commented warmly on the post calling Roshan “a giant if I ever seen one.” Others chimed in, praising the actor for being an inspiration and wishing him well.

Far beyond just a personal revelation, Hrithik Roshan’s contemplative words have sparked a broader conversation about the shackles of traditional masculinity and the courage required to redefine strength. In bearing his own moment of frailty, Roshan has not only shared a slice of his life with his fans but also opened the floor for collective introspection—an invitation to be as much a part of his journey as he is in ours. As the world watches on, many eagerly await the Bollywood titan’s full recovery and his next move, both on the silver screen and in furthering the invaluable societal dialogues he has initiated.

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