Hema Malini offers prayers at Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

In a recent demonstration of faith, Bollywood icon and present-day politician Hema Malini visited the Ram Mandir, a site of historical and spiritual significance located in Ayodhya. During her pilgrimage on Friday, she engaged in devotional practices and offered her prayers at this revered temple. Following her spiritual sojourn, Hema Malini, with a sense of satisfaction emanating from her visit, shared her experience publicly.

The visit, which was captured and shared with her followers on Instagram, saw Hema Malini expressing her profound admiration for the temple’s atmosphere and its meticulous arrangements. Speaking with the news agency ANI, she remarked, “We had a good ‘darshan’. All the arrangements are good here…Because of the temple, so many people are getting employment.” Her observations highlight not only the temple’s role as a place of worship but also its significant contribution to the local economy by providing job opportunities for many.

The Ram Mandir, which has long stood as a symbol in the tapestry of India’s cultural and religious heritage, recently hosted the auspicious Pran Pratishtha ceremony. Held on January 22, the ceremony was marked by the installation of the deity Lord Ram’s idol, a momentous event led by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister played a crucial role, performing the traditional rituals that signified the deity taking a metaphysical birth at the location.

While addressing the gathering of dignitaries during the ceremony, Prime Minister Modi articulated the deeper implications of the idol’s installation. He portrayed it as a celebration of not only victory after years of concerted struggle but also a reflection of humility and social maturation. “This is not just a moment of celebration for us all but also one to reflect the coming of age of the Indian society. This occasion is as much about triumph as it is about humility,” PM Modi conveyed.

In his eloquent speech, the Prime Minister acknowledged the global context, noting how other nations have grappled with correcting historical injustices. He praised the manner in which India resolved its complex issues, infusing the populace with hope for a future that outshines the past.

However, Modi’s reflections were not limited to historical narratives. He ventured into the realm of social commentary, observing past skepticism regarding the temple’s construction. At one point, some had anticipated that the creation of the Ram Mandir might ignite communal strife, a sentiment encapsulated in the phrase, “Ram Mandir bana toh aag lag jaegi” (the making of the Ram Temple would set off a firestorm).

The Prime Minister vehemently disputed this perspective, instead suggesting that the temple stands as a testament to peace, patience, and social harmony. He emphasized, “This majestic abode of Shri Ram Lalla will now stand as a symbol of peace, patience, mutual harmony and social unity. The construction of this temple did not set off a fire but exuded a positive energy that has been infectious for us all.”

The detailed account of Hema Malini’s visit to Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir and the reflections shared by Prime Minister Modi serve as a poignant reminder of the temple’s multifaceted significance. It is not merely a place for spiritual reverence but also a source of social cohesion and economic vitality. The Ram Mandir exemplifies the harmonious confluence of faith and community, echoing the sentiments and aspirations of a country that continues to shape its collective identity through deference to its past and anticipation of its future.

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