Gulaabi Aankhen to TBMAUJ’s Akhiyaan Gulaab songs to immerse yourself in on Rose Day 2024

As the Valentine’s week rolls in with the fragrance of roses on Rose Day, lovers and dreamers find solace in music that resonates with the essence of romance. Bollywood, with its rich history of tying lyrics to the symbolic beauty of roses, offers a playlist that captures this spirit perfectly.

Celebrating Rose Day isn’t complete without those perfect notes that evoke the color of blush and the tenderness of love. Songs that crown the rose as a queen in the kingdom of metaphors for beauty and admiration have consistently been etched in the hearts of many. Let’s walk through the blossoming garden of melodies that carry a whiff of romance and the imagery of the rose.

The Charm of ‘Gulaabi Aankhen’ (The Train, 1970)

‘Mohd Rafi’s lilting voice has graced many evergreen tracks, but the charm of ‘Gulaabi Aankhen’ stands unmatched. Like a rose that never wilts, this song has withstood the test of time, adapting to various remakes and covers that continue to allure listeners. The original tune, however, remains a delightful treat, evoking a warmth that only old-world romance can.

‘Haathon Mein Kitaab, Baalon Mein Gulab’ (Sansar, 1971)

Kishore Kumar’s romantic ballad, portrayed poetically by Navin Nishchol and Anupama Chopra, is a testament to Bollywood’s craft of weaving simplicity with deep affection. The imagery of a book in hand and a rose in the hair paints a picture of quiet, romantic interludes and the gentle blossoming of love.

‘Tera Chehra Mujhe Gulab Lage’ (Aapas Ki Baat, 1981)

Another melody crooned by the legendary Kishore Kumar, this track showcases a heartwarming serenade by Raj Babbar to Poonam Dhillon. This song generates a dreamy soundscape that transports listeners to a world where every face seems as fresh and delightful as a blooming rose.

‘Gulab Jism Ka’ (Anjuman, 1986)

The music of Khayyam and the evocative lyrics by Urdu poet Shahryar in ‘Anjuman’ culminate into the profound ‘Gulab Jism Ka.’ Shabana Azmi’s soul-stirring rendition of this number adds a layer of sensuality and grace, teasing the senses much like the delicate allure of a rose.

‘Phool Gulab Ka’ (Biwi Ho To Aisi, 1988)

This track witnesses Farooq Sheikh and Rekha in an onscreen moment of tender togetherness among the roses. With Anuradha Paudwal and Mohd Aziz lending their voices, the song blooms with an expression of timeless love and companionship.

‘Bheja Hai Ek Gulab’ (Shikari, 2000)

Enriching the romantic tapestry of Bollywood’s rose-themed songs, ‘Shikari’ features this swoon-worthy tune. It’s perfect for setting a mood of love and affection, making it an ideal choice for a romantic gesture on Rose Day.

‘Gulabi’ (Shuddh Desi Romance, 2013)

The contemporary beat of ‘Gulabi’ brings forward the allure of the pink city, Jaipur, while capturing the chemistry of Sushant Singh Rajput and Vaani Kapoor. The song’s fresh vibe and catchy rhythm make it a modern-day love anthem, celebrated by young hearts.

‘Gulabo’ (Shaandaar, 2015)

This peppy track gained popularity with Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s energetic performance. The infectious energy of ‘Gulabo’ has since then become a regular feature at parties, especially those that toast to love and the singlehood that precedes it.

‘Akhiyan Gulaab’ (Teri Baaton Main Aisa Uljha Jiya, 2024)

The most recent bud to blossom in the rose garden of melodies is ‘Akhiyan Gulaab.’ The song is a beautiful union of serene music and the palpable chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon. Its debut marks not just innovation in musical interpretation but also a nod to the continued relevance of the rose in matters of the heart.

As the air fills with the scent of roses and Rose Day wishes, let these melodies be your sanctum of love. Whether you hope to confess, celebrate, or simply savor feelings of love, Bollywood’s tribute to the rose stands timeless, with songs that have captured the essence of romance over the decades. On this Rose Day, lose yourself in the musical garden where every note is a petal, and every chorus, a rose in full bloom.

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