Formula 1 Ace Lewis Hamilton Reflects on Turning Down Role in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ with Tom Cruise

In the high-octane world of Formula 1 racing, where speed and precision reign supreme, one of its most celebrated champions, Lewis Hamilton, recently shared insights into a different path he could have taken—one that would have led him not to the racetrack but onto the silver screen in the skies of Hollywood’s aerial action film ‘Top Gun: Maverick’.

During a candid interview with GQ magazine, Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One World Champion, delved into an opportunity he now regards with a twinge of regret. The missed chance was none other than a co-pilot role alongside the legendary Tom Cruise, in the much-anticipated sequel to the 1986 classic ‘Top Gun’.

The racing star’s passion for the original movie and the prospect of being part of its sequel were palpable when he reminisced about his interaction with Cruise. He fondly conveyed his willingness to do whatever it took to be included in the project, going as far as to humorously suggest, “I will even be a janitor. Just let me be in it.”

Cruise, who was involved in the casting process, took note of Hamilton’s enthusiasm and offered him a seat in the cockpit, not as a janitor, but as one of the elite fighter pilots—a role that seemed to be a perfect metaphor for the Briton’s real-life profession. Despite this thrilling offer, Hamilton was torn.

Hamilton confessed that his lack of experience in acting was a significant factor in his decision to decline the role. He expressed his concerns about not wanting to be the potential weak link that might, in his eyes, tarnish an otherwise stellar film, saying, “Firstly, I hadn’t even had, like, an acting lesson. And I don’t want to be the one that lets this movie down.”

However, beyond the self-imposed pressure of a high-profile acting debut was another compelling reason: his racing commitments. “And then secondly, I just really didn’t have the time to dedicate to it,” he admitted, highlighting the all-consuming nature of his commitment to F1 racing.

The true weight of this decision came crashing down when Hamilton watched the completed film. His sense of regret was underscored when he revealed his reaction to seeing what could have been: “And then I regretted it, naturally, when they show me the movie and it’s: It could’ve been me!”

Despite this moment of reflection, Hamilton’s connection to the world of cinema has not been severed. He is currently involved in the production of a movie about Formula 1, under the aegis of Joseph Kosinski—the very director behind ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. This new project, which stars Brad Pitt, is something close to Hamilton’s heart as he seeks to ensure the authenticity of the film’s portrayal of the racing world.

Displaying his dedication to getting the details right, both for die-hard fans and newcomers to the sport, Hamilton laid out his vision: “My point was: Guys, this movie needs to be so authentic. There’s two different fan groups that we have — like, the old originals, who from the day they’re born hearing the Grand Prix music every weekend and watching with their families, to the new generation that just learned about it today through Netflix.”

This effort to marry Hollywood storytelling with the real-world excitement and drama of Formula 1 racing might be just the ticket for Hamilton to make his mark in the film industry, albeit behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera.

As Hamilton navigates through the negotiations and planning stages with Kosinski and Pitt, he carries with him the guiding principle that could very well make their film a celebrated addition to not only the motorsport filmography but also to the global cinematic experience. Although he may have missed his takeoff in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, Lewis Hamilton is determined to fuel his new cinematic venture with the same passion and precision that have become his trademark on racetracks around the world.

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