Five and furious

In an unprecedented move for Indian cinema, director Aditya Datt is raising the bar sky-high for action choreography in the eagerly anticipated Vidyut Jammwal-starrer “Crakk: Jeetegaa To Jiyegaa.” Datt has assembled a formidable team of five exceptional stunt coordinators hailing from the corners of the world—Spain, South Africa, Italy, Germany, and India itself—to infuse the film with a diverse range of gravity-defying stunts and pulsating action sequences.

“Crakk: Jeetegaa To Jiyegaa” is not just another notch in the belt of Jammwal’s illustrious film career; it is the second film produced under his banner. Given Jammwal’s reputation as one of the finest action stars in the industry, it’s no surprise that this project aims to play to his strength while redefining the action genre for its audience.

It’s a colossal task to coordinate a festival of stunts that includes combat slacklining, BMX cycling, rollerblading, and hand-to-hand combat, but Datt and his international crew are seamlessly up for the challenge. They are driven by the ambition to prevent the action from becoming monotonous and ensuring it supports the story’s emotional arc—in other words, they aim to make every punch, kick, and leap narratively significant.

Identifying the uniqueness of his team, Datt elaborates on the expertise each member brings to the film’s action repertoire. Federico Cueva, whose talent in capturing the dynamism of cycling stunts previously graced Jennifer Lopez’s “The Mother,” was responsible for some of the most visually striking sequences featuring two-wheel acrobatics. Kerry Gregg, hailing from South Africa, applied his extensive experience from “Outlander” and numerous Jackie Chan films to engineer flawless vehicle stunts.

Frenchman Cyrill Raffaeli, who has a profound understanding of parkour, oversaw the urban athleticism of the cast, bringing an authentic flavour of street-style gymnastics and movement to the film. German Dawid Szatarski, known for his work on projects like “Commando 3,” “Kingsman,” and “Black Widow,” lent his prowess with rollerblades and high-octane action beats to the film’s eclectic mix.

Lastly, the backbone of Datt’s choreographic team is Dr. K Ravi Verma from Bangalore. Datt’s trust in Verma’s expertise cannot be understated—a trust born out of longstanding collaboration and mutual respect, elevating Verma to the status of premier action director in the Indian film industry.

As the film director, Datt doesn’t just orchestrate these moving parts; he syncs them. Gauging the potential and strengths of each action choreographer, he navigates them towards realizing their peak performance. With decades of experience safeguarding their back, these professionals know the essence of crafting thrilling yet secure action spectacles, highlighting their ability to balance risk with careful planning and execution.

“Crakk: Jeetegaa To Jiyegaa” is projected to be a feast for the action aficionado, a film where narrative and adrenaline rush are intertwined through meticulously crafted stunts. The amalgamation of global talents under Datt’s guidance hints at a film that promises not just to entertain but to astound with its action sequences.

As the movie gears up for release, action enthusiasts around the world are holding their breath, awaiting a showcase that is poised to be a watershed in the realm of cinematic action. Will “Crakk: Jeetegaa To Jiyegaa” serve as the herald of a new era for action dramas? Will it satisfy the hunger for groundbreaking stunts and fresh approaches to storytelling within thrilling contexts? The answers lie in wait for the film’s arrival on the big screen—an arrival that could very well redefine how we perceive action in Indian cinema.

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