Exclusive | Varun Sood: ‘As an outsider we look for opportunities as they don’t come by very quickly for us’

In the vibrant corridors of Bollywood, where dreams either take flight or fall flat, newcomer Varun Sood candidly expressed his experiences and aspirations in an exclusive dialogue with mid-day.com. Having initiated his foray into fame via reality TV shows such as Roadies and Splitsvilla, Sood has transcended the typical trajectory by making a splash in the film industry with his performances in ‘Jug Jugg Jeeyo’ and, more recently, ‘Karmma Calling’.

Varun Sood carries the aura of a fresh-faced entrant in the acting world, ready to etch his mark beyond the glitz of reality television. His cinematic journey commenced with a small but pivotal cameo in the Dharma Productions’ film ‘Jug Jugg Jeeyo’. Gaining momentum from this experience, Varun opted for ‘Karmma Calling’ as his next venture, earning the status of a male lead opposite seasoned actress Raveena Tandon.

Shining a light on his decisions and the path of persistence, Varun underscored the struggles synonymous with being an outsider in the film fraternity. “I think, as an outsider, we look for opportunities because they don’t come by very quickly for us,” Varun stated. He opened up about the incessant workshops and auditions he attended before he started to gain attention. Varun credits his signing with the agency DCA, associated with Dharma, for providing him with a platform to audition for projects like ‘Karmma Calling’. He expressed his readiness to seize any chance to demonstrate his capability, grateful for the opening that ‘Karmma Calling’ presented.

The actor also touched empathetically upon the topic of comparing his journey to those of his peers, remarking that envy has no place in his heart. For Varun, it’s not about the success of others but about the dedication to his craft and the belief that his hard work will one day culminate in significant opportunities.

A stark proponent of keeping one’s private life insulated from public scrutiny, Varun elaborated on his approach to fame and social media. In an age where every personal detail can become tabloid fodder, he prefers privacy. “For me, it’s very simple in terms of keeping my private life very away from the media,” he clarified to his audience. Vacation habits, relationship statuses, and personal milestones—Varun opts to keep these chapters of his life closed off from the media gaze, allowing his work to stand as the sole ambassador of his public image.

Amidst the discussion, Varun didn’t shy away from sharing his ultimate aspiration – to be a part of a Karan Johar film. The esteemed director’s movies resonate with Varun, encapsulating a cinematic dream awaiting realization.

It is noteworthy to mention that ‘Karmma Calling’, the project that has catapulted Varun Sood further into the spotlight, premiered on Disney+ Hotstar on January 26, 2024. Featuring a cast that includes Raveena Tandon and Namrata Sheth alongside Varun, the film integrates a potent mix of emerging and established talent.

Thus, Varun stands at a decisive juncture of his career. As someone who entered the entertainment industry through the unpredictable doors of reality TV and carved a niche for himself, his transition into movies is a testament to his versatility and determination. Watching his evolution from promising novice to a burgeoning movie star, Varun Sood represents not just himself but every outsider who harbors the dream of making it big in the entrancing world of Bollywood.

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