Exclusive: Ali Abbas Zafar Says ‘Bade Miya Chote Miya Is A Real Raw Action Thriller’

New Delhi: Building up to an electrifying release this upcoming Eid, the much-anticipated action-packed spectacle ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ is set to make waves across the Indian film industry. With insider access provided by ZEE India, the buzz can barely be contained as audiences eagerly await the culmination of high-energy sequences and storylines that have transcended geographical borders including London, Scotland, Abu Dhabi, and Jordan. This film, directed by the adept Ali Abbas Zafar, marvelously pairs Bollywood’s titans of action, Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff, marking their debut collaboration.

Enthusiasts of the genre are in for a feast, as Zafar himself puts it, “People often ask me what drives my passion for crafting massive action flicks, and truth be told, I find myself at a loss for a definitive answer. It could be a subconscious craving for facing fears, or a penchant for pursuing the seemingly unattainable! What I am certain of is that this movie boasts a canvas of action that’s authentic, visceral, and unadulterated, promising a delight for action aficionados.”

This latest production revives memories of a similar initiative taken a quarter-century earlier when Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda paired up for the original ‘Bade Miyan Chotte Miyan’, a venture by David Dhawan, under Vashu Bhagnani’s production wing.

Building on this legacy, Producer Jackie Bhagnani expresses his excitement about the film’s gritty and authentic approach to its action sequences, “We’ve managed to bring together two celebrated champions of the action genre, Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff, in one frame for the very first time. The movie was filmed with a genuine intent to keep the action as real as possible, crafting scenarios that the audience will find utterly convincing. We’re inviting the viewers to merge into the adrenaline-pumping escapades that their heroes embark on.”

The film industry’s evolution toward digital effects has not swayed the producer’s conviction, as Vashu Bhagnani shares, “Ali was clear right from the outset that he would minimize the usage of VFX. This decision, to pursue a path featuring real, palpable action in today’s tech-driven era, added a certain degree of pressure, but we were resolute in maintaining the raw texture of the narrative and its sequences.”

Pioneering a milestone, the crew was among the first from India to capture the majestic desert terrains of Wadi Rum in Jordan. In a gesture to reinforce the relationship between the press and the filmmaking community, Jackie Bhagnani, along with Pooja Entertainment, extended an invitation to journalists from all over India to experience Jordan firsthand, stating, “Synergy is essential, as journalists and film crews are so intricately intertwined in the grand design of cinema. We seek to rekindle that relationship, ensuring that all involved are integral parts of the filmmaking process.”

Adding to the anticipation is Prithviraj Sukumaran’s debut in the film as the enigmatic antagonist, a character whose appearance remains shrouded in mystery. The film boasts a dynamic cast featuring Sonakshi Sinha, Manushi Chhillar, and Alaya F, each bringing depth to their respective roles. ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ is poised to cater to a diverse audience, slated to release in multiple languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. It’s set for a grand unveiling on Eid in April 2024.

Reflecting on the venture, the filmmakers remain confident that ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ will mark a new dawn for action cinema, delivering an experience that resonates with the raw intensity of real-life heroics. As the countdown to Eid begins, fans across the nation and beyond brace themselves for a cinematic journey that’s bound to set new benchmarks for a genre that thrives on thrills, punches, and an undying spirit of adventure.

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