‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ directors Daniels ink deal with Universal Pictures for their next

In a captivating move that signals the unstoppable momentum of their creative partnership, the dynamic directing duo behind the sensational hit ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert—collectively known as Daniels—have recently formalized a first-look deal with the industry giant Universal Pictures. This partnership is poised to bear its first fruit with an upcoming cinematic venture, ingeniously titled “Untitled Event Film Directed by Daniels,” which has been earmarked for release on the tantalizing date of June 12, 2026, as recently reported by Variety.

With anticipation building around this enigmatic project, the film world is eagerly awaiting further details. However, at the present juncture, specifics surrounding the envisaged cast and crew have been closely guarded, leaving aficionados and insiders alike to speculate about the creative contours that such a project might assume under the visionary stewardship of Kwan and Scheinert.

The groundbreaking team jumped into the spotlight following an impressive debut helming music videos, including the iconic “Turn Down for What” by Lil Jon. Yet, it was the unexpected charm of ‘Swiss Army Man’, starring Daniel Radcliffe in an unusual role that initially showcased their distinctive storytelling prowess to a wider audience. Despite this initial success, it was ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ that truly solidified their status as leading lights in the independent film sector.

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’, a film that can only be described as a zany sci-fi comedy adventure, tells the story of an immigrant laundromat owner, portrayed by Michelle Yeoh, who finds herself thrown into a perplexing odyssey that spans the multiverse. As her character grapples with the banality of a tax audit, she discovers her crucial role in thwarting an enigmatic villain’s apocalyptic designs. The film, which also stars talents like Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., and features James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis, achieved both critical acclaim and financial success, not merely breaking through but shattering the $100 million ceiling at the global box office in the post-COVID-19 era.

The remarkable trajectory of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ culminated at the 95th Academy Awards, where the film garnered a resounding seven wins from its 11 nominations. This dazzling achievement further cemented the high regard in which Daniels are held within cinematic circles—propelling them into a league where the expectations for their subsequent projects carry both the weight and the thrill of their proven craft.

As the industry continues to revitalize in a world still grappling with the pandemic’s lingering specter, the success of Daniels represents a monumental beacon of independent cinema’s tenacity and potential. What may come to light in their upcoming “Untitled Event Film Directed by Daniels” remains a subject of intense curiosity, for both devotees and newcomers to their unique filmic universe.

It is this fusion of commercial appeal and artistic integrity that makes Universal Pictures’ investment in Daniels such a significant indicator of the industry’s evolving landscape. The partnership signifies the belief in their ability to repeat or even surpass the success they have so artfully achieved.

Thus, as the date of June 12, 2026, twinkles distantly on the horizon, cinema-goers around the world hold their collective breath, anticipating the next unforgettable journey the Daniels intend to take them on. In the wake of a trailblazing triumph, the question now is not one of potential but anticipation—for in the hands of Daniels, the impossible finds itself grounded, the surreal becomes tangible, and the entirety of movie magic lies just within the realm of our collective imagination.

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