Esha Deol on life after marriage with Bharat Takhtani: ‘I couldn’t roam around the house in my shorts and ganjis’

The entertainment world was taken aback by the recent announcement from Bollywood actress Esha Deol and her husband, businessman Bharat Takhtani, regarding their decision to end their 11-year marriage. After being a couple since their teenage years, their long-term romance had culminated in a wedding ceremony in 2012.

Over a decade ago, when Esha Deol exchanged wedding vows with Bharat, her life underwent a significant transformation. As she recounted in her book “Amma Mia,” which was published in 2020, her transition into married life came with its challenges and realizations. Esha discovered a newfound maturity and sense of responsibility after her wedding. She reminisces about the lifestyle changes, noting how her days of wandering around the house in casual shorts and tank tops were replaced with a need to adapt to living with Bharat’s joint family. Despite such changes, she fondly recalls the warmth with which Bharat’s family welcomed her.

The cultural shift was evident, especially in the customary practices of her new household where the women took great pride in preparing elaborate lunch boxes for their husbands. Esha humorously admitted to her inexperience in the kitchen, having never cooked prior to her marriage. Nevertheless, she expressed gratitude towards her mother-in-law who refrained from imposing traditional expectations on her as a daughter-in-law. In fact, she likened her treatment to that of a son rather than a daughter-in-law, as she was showered with indulgent treats and immense pampering by the family.

In an earlier joint interview with Bharat, Esha discussed various aspects of their marital life. Bharat revealed that he appreciated Esha’s homeliness and her efforts in catering to his dietary preferences, despite her initial lack of culinary skills. Esha recollected her mother, celebrated actress Hema Malini’s advice, which emphasized the importance of maintaining domestic harmony by waking up early and assisting her mother-in-law with household chores. Her mother also encouraged her not to forsake her passion for dance practice. Bharat was vocal about his contentment with her homemaking, praising her for adopting the role with care and responsibility, and even learning to cook his favorite dishes.

However, the marriage has seen its course, and the couple decided it was time to go separate ways. In a heartfelt statement released to Delhi Times, Esha and Bharat conveyed their mutual and amicable decision to part ways, emphasizing the wellbeing of their two children as their foremost concern during this transitional period. They appealed for privacy as they navigate through this personal upheaval.

The news came as a surprise to many who had witnessed the couple’s journey over the years. As both Esha and Bharat step into a new chapter in their lives, they continue to garner support from fans and well-wishers, many of whom respect their request for privacy. This turn of events has been a poignant reminder of the sometimes unpredictable landscapes of personal relationships, even in the lives of public figures.

The transition from being married to parting ways is often filled with mixed emotions and challenging adjustments. However, what remains clear from Esha Deol’s candid sharing is the growth and the learning she derived from her married life. As both Esha and Bharat navigate their separate paths, they carry with them the experiences and memories molded by their years together and the shared journey of parenthood.

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