Epic Collaboration: Yash and Prime Focus India Unite for Grand Ramayana Adaptation

In a momentous partnership shaping the future of Indian cinema, KGF sensation Yash’s production house, Monster Mind Creations, and industry heavyweight Namit Malhotra’s Prime Focus India have pledged to co-produce the legendary Indian epic, Ramayana. The ambitious project is set to come under the directorial prowess of Nitesh Tiwari, renowned for his critically acclaimed works like Dangal and Chhichhore.

Namit Malhotra, who reigns as the Global CEO of the multiple Oscar-winning visual effects firm DNEG, notes that after a prodigious career path that took him across continents, establishing a business empire celebrated for both its commercial achievements and a string of Oscar victories, he is now prepared to present the world with a rendition of Ramayana that will do justice to its monumental narrative. “Following myriad experiences globally, I am poised to craft a retelling of this extraordinary tale,” commented Malhotra.

With a shared ambition to elevate Indian storytelling on a global stage, Malhotra recognized a kindred spirit in Yash—a star who skyrocketed from the heart of Karnataka to worldwide acclaim following his blockbuster, K.G.F: Chapter 2. “Witnessing Yash’s evolution and his determination to promote our rich cultural narratives internationally, I am convinced that together, we can make a colossal impact with Ramayana—the quintessence of our heritage,” added Malhotra.

Yash, meanwhile, currently engrossed in the pan-Indian film, Toxic: A Fairy Tale for Grown Ups, affirms his long-cherished dream has been to craft films that celebrate Indian cinema on the world map. Speaking on this collaboration, he said, “It was during my Los Angeles trip to merge forces with leading VFX professionals that I stumbled upon the realization that a compatriot was at the helm of one of the best in the industry.”

“Our meeting unfolded into a series of brainstorming sessions,” Yash narrated, “where it became evident that our aspirations and visions for Indian cinema were in perfect tandem. Amidst these fruitful discussions, we broached the topic of Ramayana. Namit already had part of the project underway; the epic resonates deeply with me, and I harbored a unique approach for it in mind. Teaming up to co-produce Ramayana signifies the merging of our vision and expertise to kindle a sense of wonder and excitement among global audiences.”

The exclusive film adaptation promises to revisit the cultural magnificence of the Ramayana with a contemporary touch, fusing traditional tales with modern cinematic technologies and storytelling finesse. While the anticipation builds around the cast details, which remain under wraps, rumors persist that Ranbir Kapoor may be depicting the lead role of Lord Ram.

Yash, who is inseparable from his project Toxic, under the direction of Geethu Mohandas renowned for Moothon, is partnered with KVN Productions along with his own enterprise, Monster Mind Creations. Eager fans and film enthusiasts can circle their calendars for April 10, 2025, which marks the film’s anticipated release date. Despite the air of mystery surrounding the complete cast list, the film industry and its watchers are brimming with enthusiasm for what promises to be a landmark production in Indian cinema.

As these cinematic titans join forces to craft a retelling of an epic deeply etched into the heart of Indian culture, one thing is certain—the film world sits on the cusp of witnessing an unprecedented portrayal of the Ramayana, poised to resonate with audiences far and wide.

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