Embracing the Essence of Feminine Divinity: A Contemporary Artistic Offering

In the heart of Delhi, the National Gallery of Modern Art presents a profound artistic celebration under the title “Shakti: Fair & Fierce,” which provides an immersive platform for 55 contemporary female artists, advocating their insights and expressions through an impressive assemblage of over 100 multi-dimensional artworks.

The term “Shakti” resonates with the beat of the cosmic drum, echoing through various world philosophies as the ultimate embodiment of the divine feminine principle – a wellspring of creation, sustenance, and transformation. Partnering with the Museum of Sacred Art from Belgium, the exhibition masterfully brings forth an exploration of this elemental power by proffering the unique artistic interpretations and experiences of femininity.

The diverse collection weaves a majestic tapestry through a spectrum of mediums – paintings, sculptures, photographs, digital installations, and the meticulous threads of embroideries. Pioneering artists like Madhvi Parekh, Jayasri Burman, and Arpana Caur graciously share the space, setting a dialogue with blooming talents such as Keerti Pooja and Sonal Varshneya. This exposition is also spotlighted by the compelling photographic narrative by Saadiya Kochar and the innovative digital artwork by Charuvi Agrawal and Richa Navani, which adds an avant-garde texture to the showcase.

Structured into three distinctive sections, the exhibition engages audiences in a holistic interpretation of the central theme. Evoking the poignancy of Kaifi Azmi’s poem ‘Aurat,’ Saadiya Kochar’s poignant photographic series guides viewers through the resilient lives of Kashmiri women, amidst enduring conflict. Her camera lens is both a witness and a storyteller of their unwavering strength and their journey in stamping the everyday with undying grace.

In addition, the walls of the NGMA are adorned with fine embroidery, each thread intricately looped to portray cultural stories and myths. One can encounter Jayasri Burman’s enchanting watercolour depiction of Shri Krishna, adorned atop the venomous serpent, signifying human salvation from the lethal bite, or immerse themselves into the profound depths of Shanthamani Muddaiah’s charcoal installations.

Each piece exhibited narrates an untold story, celebrates an unspoken thought – as though every brush-stroke and woven thread harmonizes into a chorus, extolling the spectrum of the female experience. Beyond mere aesthetic pleasure, the collection is a declaration, a bold testament of the varied and verdant visions of women artists. By embracing a multitude of artistic narratives and expressions, it marks the indomitable strength, resilience, and the relentless creative spirit of women, a living testament to the Shakti that pulses through the veins of the cosmos.

This tribute to feminine energy and creativity is currently on display at the National Gallery of Modern Arts, Jaipur House, near the India Gate Hexagon, New Delhi, until March 31st. The gallery welcomes visitors from 10 am to 6 pm, remaining closed on Mondays.

As the world turns its gaze towards this congregation of arts, it is not just an exhibition that unfolds, but a movement that resonates with the undying, ever-pervading spirit of Shakti woven into the realm of modern creativity. It is here, amidst the silent walls of the NGMA, that the fair and the fierce facets of feminine power celebrate their unyielding presence and eternal influence on life and art.

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