Gauri Khan was seen buzzing with excitement at her newly-opened restaurant, Torii, situated in the heart of Mumbai on Wednesday. It was a special evening as she played host to none other than the renowned English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. As Mumbai’s latest culinary hotspot, Torii had its share of star power with several celebrities including Farah Khan gracing the gathering.

Gauri Khan, a clear vision in blue, made heads turn during the event, displaying her knack for balancing elegance with her entrepreneurial spirit. Joining her was Ed Sheeran, who looked effortlessly stylish in a jacket from D’Yavol X, a brand launched by Gauri Khan’s son with Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan. Gauri’s husband, Shah Rukh Khan, had recently created a stir on social media by striking his legendary romantic pose with Sheeran, amplifying the anticipation for the singer’s upcoming performance in Mumbai.

The following day, Gauri Khan took to Instagram to share glimpses of the casually intimate soirée at Torii. With heartfelt warmth, she captioned her post: “What a pleasure listening to you sing @teddysphotos !!! Thank you for spending the evening with us… (by the way, loving the @dyavol.x jacket on you).” The shared visuals captivated both the fans of Gauri Khan and Sheeran, showcasing the blend of Bollywood hospitality and international music fraternity.

On his own Instagram, Ed Sheeran shared a memorable moment with Shah Rukh Khan, where the two can be seen spreading their arms wide in SRK’s iconic style. With a backdrop of the evening’s ambiance, Ed Sheeran donned casual attire with his distinctive style, while Shah Rukh complemented the scene in his casual yet trendy ensemble. Their hearts open and smiles wide, the photo was aptly captioned, “This is the Shape of Us. Spreading love together,” striking a chord with followers worldwide.

The buzz continued as reports came in that Ed Sheeran was in the city not just for casual visits but also for a professional commitment. He is slated to enchant his fans at a concert on March 16 at Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Racecourse alongside acclaimed Indian singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad. This marks Sheeran’s return to Mumbai after his successful Divide Tour in 2017, bringing a wave of excitement to his followers in India. Just this year alone, Sheeran has released two albums, titled ‘-‘ (Subtract) and ‘Autumn Variations,’ much to the delight of his fanbase that spans the globe. His musical journey in India began in 2015, and his return is highly anticipated.

Torii, the brainchild of Gauri Khan, intertwines aesthetic allure with culinary creativity, earning its place as a new jewel in Mumbai’s crown. Within its walls, culture and cuisine come together to fabricate extraordinary experiences for diners, as seen with the recent gathering of stars. It’s not just about the food but about the stories that unfold and the memories that are etched within its domain.

As Mumbai gears up for Ed Sheeran’s concert, his recent evening at Torii with Gauri Khan and other luminaries will be remembered as the prelude to what promises to be a captivating performance. Be it Gauri Khan’s entrepreneurial strides or Ed Sheeran’s musical odyssey, the convergence of their talents against the backdrop of Mumbai’s vibrancy was a spectacle cherished by fans and a fitting teaser to the melodious night to come.

By IPL Agent

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