Ed Sheeran, the acclaimed British singer-songwriter, delivered an unforgettable performance in Mumbai, marking a significant night of music, collaboration, and cultural fusion. The city’s music enthusiasts assembled in droves at the Mahalaxmi Race Course grounds for a concert that not only showcased Sheeran’s musical prowess but also saw him sharing the stage with prominent Indian talents Diljit Dosanjh and Armaan Malik.

The event was part of Sheeran’s “+ – = ÷ x Tour” and arrived after much anticipation on March 12, keeping the city’s heartbeat synced to his tunes. Sheeran serenaded the audience for over two and a half hours, singing more than 30 of his hit tracks. The energetic crowd witnessed back-to-back performances of hits such as “Tides,” “The A Team,” “Perfect,” “Happier,” and “Castle On The Hill,” mesmerizing everyone in attendance.

Sheeran has a special connection with India, having previously visited in 2015 and performed in 2017. His return to the Indian stage was met with unparalleled enthusiasm. Addressing the crowd, he acknowledged the lengths to which fans had gone to attend the concert, expressing his gratitude and promising a return next year, teasing that “this is just the beginning.”

A highly anticipated moment was Sheeran and Punjabi icon Diljit Dosanjh jamming on “Lover,” a popular Punjabi track. The collaboration thrilled the audience, as the musicians took on the 360-degree circular revolving stage, creating a spectacle of song and camaraderie. Likewise, Sheeran’s performance with Armaan Malik on their 2022 single “2Step” brought the audience to a pinnacle of excitement, further elevated when they both performed Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic open-arm pose.

The multi-faceted Sheeran played more than just the role of performer. He actively engaged with the audience, encouraging sing-alongs and stirring the spirit of communal music experience. Before Sheeran’s entry, the stage was set ablaze with opening acts by Indian singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad and English musician Calum Scott. They paved the way for what would be a magical evening.

Marked by his down-to-earth persona, Sheeran donned simple attire featuring ‘Mumbai’ on his T-shirt. He continually thanked fans, old and new, for being a part of his musical journey. Labeling the event as “the best show ever” in his tour, Sheeran’s joy was palpable, resonating through his energetic performance.

The concert drew to a touching close as Sheeran re-emerged on stage, this time in a kurta inscribed with ‘Mumbai’ in Hindi. He performed his chart-toppers “Shape of You” and “Bad Habits,” leaving the audience spellbound. His parting words, filled with love for the city, reminded everyone to return home safely and echoed his unforgettable time in Mumbai.

Renowned Bollywood figures such as Madhuri Dixit Nene, Priyamani, and Farah Khan were among the concertgoers. The presence of these celebrities alongside a multi-genre artist like Sheeran symbolized the cultural bridging that music so often facilitates. Prior to the concert, Sheeran hobnobbed with Bollywood’s elite, attended a star-studded party in his honor, visited a local school, played cricket, and danced on the viral track “Butta Bomma,” showcasing his versatile engagement with Indian culture.

As the co-promoter along with AEG Presents, BookMyShow played a crucial role in orchestrating Sheeran’s successful India tour. His time in Mumbai will be etched in the memories of many as an embodiment of music’s power to transcend borders, warm hearts, and bring together fans across the spectrum for a night of pure joy and artistic excellence.

By IPL Agent

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