Did you know? Bobby Deol complained about Manisha Koirala’s ‘bad breath’ during ‘Gupt’

Gone are the days when Bobby Deol’s charm graced the screens of Bollywood cinemas, but his intriguing stories from the past continue to amuse fans. In particular, the 1997 box office sensation ‘Gupt,’ which graced the theatres with suspense, thrill, and unforgettable music, is still remembered fondly. The film, directed by Rajiv Rai, not only fortified Bobby Deol’s credentials as a leading man but became notable for its engaging plot and foot-tapping soundtrack. With actors like Manisha Koirala and Kajol completing the star-studded trio, ‘Gupt’ became a runaway hit, contributing to the cultural zeitgeist of its time.

Years after its release, Bollywood buzz was revived when Bobby Deol recounted a rather amusing and humanising anecdote involving his co-star Manisha Koirala. During a candid chat with Filmfare back in 2001, Bobby took the audience on a humorous trip down memory lane, revealing the less glamorous side of film-making. He narrated how, during the shoot of a particularly romantic number titled ‘Bechaniyaan,’ he had a not-so-pleasant olfactory encounter. Manisha, who had eaten chana chaat, an Indian snack generously laced with raw onions, just before filming the scene, came up close to Deol, leaving him struggling to maintain composure and romance in equal measure.

As Bobby Deol jestingly shared, the supposed sultry scene transformed into a comedic situation. He managed to pull through but not without a playful idea of retaliation to address the ‘bad breath’ scenario. Bobby devised an innocent prank to get even with Manisha. He convinced a newcomer on the set, playing the role of her brother, to indulge in onions under the guise of a false acting tip – that onions would somehow enhance his performance. As the camera rolled for the subsequent scene with Manisha, the newcomer executed the plan to perfection, or so Bobby hoped. Yet, despite their anticipations for a humorous outcome or at least a reaction from Manisha, the joke fell unmistakably flat.

Bobby Deol’s light-hearted recollection paints a picture of the candid moments that weave into the tapestry of a film’s production—moments that audiences rarely get to see but often contribute to the chemistry on-screen. It’s these off-screen interactions that often humanize our beloved actors, showcasing them not just as celluloid figures but as individuals capable of everyday humor and camaraderie.

The filming of ‘Gupt’ was not devoid of challenges for the lead actor, either. In another conversation, this time with the Hindustan Times, he revealed a significant injury that might have thwarted his contribution to the film’s celebrated dance numbers. A fractured leg could have been a roadblock for the movie’s shooting schedule, but Bobby, along with the innovation of choreographers Chinni and Rekha Prakash, turned this limitation into a trademark style. The hand movements developed to accommodate his injury became synonymously known as “Bobby Deol’s style,” a testament to his commitment to the craft and resilience in facing setbacks.

Bobby Deol’s chronicles from the ‘Gupt’ days give us a snapshot of a time when filmmaking was as much about the off-screen camaraderie and mischief as it was about on-screen performance. His recollections offer a glimpse into the playful dynamics that actors share behind the curtain, a stark contrast to the intensity and intrigue ‘Gupt’ delivered to its audience. This behind-the-scenes episode of lighthearted retribution and the mere human desire to connect through laughter spills over from the celluloid legacy of a Bollywood classic, injecting a dose of relatability into our perception of film stars.

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