The news of actress Esha Deol and her husband Bharat Takhtani’s separation has cast a sorrowful shadow over Bollywood’s Deol family. Amidst reports of their impending divorce, Esha’s father, the esteemed actor Dharmendra, is reported to be deeply affected by their decision to part ways. The actor, venerated for his extensive career in the Indian film industry, is reportedly urging the couple to reassess their choice, especially considering the potential impact on their young children.

A couple of weeks ago, Deol and Takhtani made headlines when they announced their intention to divorce. Since then, conversations and concern about the wellbeing of their family have circulated, particularly regarding their two daughters, Radhya and Miraya. Dharmendra, a patriarch in both his family and the film community, has expressed profound sadness over the separation and is hopeful that the couple will reconsider for their children’s sake.

Respected publication, Bollywood Life, has recently shared insights from an unnamed source close to the Deol family. “No parents can be happy seeing their children’s family being broken. Even Dharmendra ji is a father and one can understand his pain. It’s not that he is against his daughter’s decision to get separated but wants her to rethink over it,” the source stated, emphasizing the emotional turmoil that comes with such family matters.

The affection within the Deol family is evident. Esha, cherished by her father Dharmendra, has been described as holding an especially dear place in his heart. Dharmendra cherishes Bharat as well, sharing a bond akin to that of father and son. “Esha and Bharat both respect Dharmendra immensely. He is like a son to the Deol family, while Esha is the apple of the eye of father Dharmendra and he wants her to be happy always. As her family is getting hooked, he is indeed sad, and that’s the reason he wants them to reconsider getting separated,” added the source.

It is widely understood that marital separations can deeply affect children, and it is this understanding that is driving Dharmendra’s request for the couple to seek possible reconciliation. Both daughters are known to share a close bond with their grandparents, from both their maternal and paternal sides. “Separation affects the kids badly and hence Dharamji feels if the marriage can be saved they should,” the source explained.

In the glow of their parents’ successful acting careers, Esha and Bharat’s relationship began with a spark during an inter-college competition. It ignited once more a decade later in America, leading them down the aisle in 2012. Over the years, their marriage has inspired many, setting examples of commitment and partnership.

However, on February 6, the couple sent ripples through the media and their fanbase when they shared a joint statement in the Delhi Times. “We have mutually and amicably decided to part ways. Through this shift in our lives, the best interests and welfare of our two children is and will be of utmost importance to us. We’d appreciate our privacy is respected,” they declared.

Their announcement was met with widespread sympathy and concern, as fans have always held the couple in high regard. The duo have been public figures of a loving and devoted family unit, often showcasing their bond on social media and in public appearances.

The landscape of any family can change, and for the Deols, this period marks a challenging chapter. Dharmendra’s wish for his daughter and son-in-law to ponder the long-term implications of their decision comes from a place of love and concern for the entire family, especially the youngest members who may be most vulnerable to change. As the family navigates these personal upheavals, the public’s thoughts are with them, hopeful for a resolution that considers the hearts and futures of all involved.

By IPL Agent

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