Dharmendra reveals he fractured his leg worries netizens with a now-deleted post

In an unexpected turn of events, Bollywood legend Dharmendra’s late-night social media activity has drawn considerable attention from his loyal fan base, inciting both concern and well-wishes. At around 4 am on Friday, the actor shared a photograph that depicted him quenching a midnight hunger pang. Dharmendra was seen in the photo clad in black attire, perched on his bed with a light meal, adorning a weary look on his visage. The post was accompanied by an endearing caption in Hindi which translates to, “It is midnight, but I am not able to sleep and I feel extremely hungry. I am having a roti with white butter which tastes so delicious.”

The heartfelt glimpse into the actor’s nocturnal moments prompted an array of reactions, with one observer noting with concern, “Sir, what happened to your leg?” Dharmendra, taking a moment to respond to the perturbation echoed by his followers, disclosed through his reply that he had sustained an injury. “Mera takhna fracture ho gaya. Aap sab ki duaon se jaldi tandurust ho jaoonga,” he reassured. The English translation of his message relays his optimism for a speedy recovery, bolstered by the good wishes of his admirers: “I fractured my ankle. With all your good wishes, I will be healthy again very soon.”

However, in a subsequent turn of events that deepened the anxieties of his fans, the actor opted to remove the aforementioned picture mere hours after its posting. The deletion sparked speculations and further heightened the concerns for the actor’s well-being amongst his audience.

The prolific actor, heralded as one of Bollywood’s stalwarts, is known for his robust engagement with his social media followers. Dharmendra frequently delights his fans with glimpses into his life and interactions that bridge the gap between the icon and his admirers. Notably, on Monday morning, he took to Instagram to shower his grandson Karan Deol with affection via a post that showcased Karan beaming a ‘million-dollar smile.’ The accompanying caption, brimming with love and pride, read, “Love you Rock, for your new charming looks. Jeetey raho,” encircled by a halo of heart emojis.

This commendable display of familial love teemed with comments and likes, with fans moved by Dharmendra’s open-hearted expressions. Comments ranged from appreciation of his continual support for his family to the sheer adorableness of the post; the digital crowd chorus was unanimous in its positivity.

Karan Deol, the subject of Dharmendra’s affable post, is the progeny of actor Sunny Deol and Pooja Deol. Continuing the lineage of cinematic artistry, Karan has stepped into the realm of acting much like his celebrated relatives. His debut project saw him under the directorial wing of his father, Sunny, in the 2019 film ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas.’ Karan most recently made headlines with his marriage to Drisha Acharya. Their wedding solemnization occurred on June 18 in Mumbai, in an intimate gathering comprising close kin and friends. The ceremonial celebrations escalated to a grand reception held the same evening, where the Deol’s extended invitations to an array of Bollywood’s glitterati, including stars such as Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Ranveer Singh.

Dharmendra’s influence stretches beyond his on-screen prowess, as he has established himself as a venerable and cherished figure in Indian cinema through his off-screen persona. His recent interactions and occurrences serve as testimony to the profound and affectionate relationship he maintains with his admirers and family, establishing a legacy not only of cinematic excellence but also of personal warmth and connectivity. Even after years in the spotlight, the allure of Dharmendra’s humility and connection with his audience remains unwavering.

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