David Dhawan talks about his collaboration with Karisma Kapoor says “only actress I have worked with for 12 films”

In an industry renowned for its vibrant storytelling and emotive performances, collaborations between a director and an actor can sometimes define an era. This has been the case with two illustrious figures in Bollywood – Director David Dhawan, known as the King of comedy for his contributions to the film industry and the talented actress Karisma Kapoor. Recently, Dhawan was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, not just for his iconic comedies but for the remarkable influence he has wielded over decades in Bollywood.

During the ceremony, Dhawan received a heartwarming tribute, performed by none other than his son, Varun Dhawan, and Karisma Kapoor. They brought to life some of Dhawan’s most memorable numbers, reminding everyone of the immense impact the director has made.

Upon accepting the award, David Dhawan, often lovingly referred to as Davidji, took a moment to reflect on his directorial journey and his dynamic partnership with Karisma Kapoor. It was a heartfelt acknowledgment of a professional relationship that has yielded some of the biggest hits in contemporary Bollywood comedy. “Karisma is the only actress that I have worked with for 12 films in my career, and all turned out to be blockbusters. It’s been the longest association I have had with any actor,” he stated, underscoring the special bond they share.

The pairing of Dhawan’s comedic vision with Kapoor’s on-screen charm and versatility led to an unparalleled string of successes, each resonating with audiences looking for escapism and laughter. Together, they created juggernauts like ‘Coolie No. 1,’ ‘Hero No. 1,’ and ‘Biwi No. 1.’ These films not only broke box-office records but also helped to redefine the genre of comedy within Bollywood, offering viewers a blend of humor, drama, and musical extravagance. Even today, their work holds a fond place in the heart of moviegoers, epitomizing the golden age of Bollywood comedy.

Adding to the buzz around David Dhawan’s career are rumors that have recently surfaced about a new collaboration. Reports suggest that Varun Dhawan is poised to join forces with the rising star Janhvi Kapoor for an upcoming David Dhawan film. Details of this project are shrouded in secrecy, but if confirmed, it would represent the fourth partnership between the Dhawans following ‘Main Tera Hero,’ ‘Judwaa 2,’ and ‘Coolie No. 1.’ Sources from India Today allude that the director, praised for ‘Main Tera Hero,’ is assembling a project tailored to this fresh pairing.

However, an official statement confirming this news is still pending. Speculation continues to build, particularly after a report from Pinkvilla claimed that plans are in place for this film to begin production by April 2024. Pinkvilla’s source reveals, “The film will have two leading ladies alongside Dhawan. Much like David Dhawan’s world of comedies, this one too will see Varun Dhawan flanked by two leading ladies. The humor in this yet-to-be-titled comic caper stems from confusion in the love life of the protagonist, with Varun excited to return to the comic genre after some time.”

For fans of David Dhawan’s brand of comedy, the prospects of this rumored film, and his acknowledged history with Karisma Kapoor, continue to reinforce the director’s legacy. His lifetime achievement award is a testament not only to his personal success but to the laughter and joy he has brought to countless audiences over the years and, potentially, for years to come with new projects on the horizon. As a filmmaker known for capturing the essence of comedy and as a collaborator who has brought out the best in his actors, David Dhawan’s mark on Bollywood is indelible and his art revered for bringing smiles to many faces.

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