Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel heading for divorce because of compatibility issues? Here’s what we know

Sparks of wedded joy that were ignited in March 2023 now seem to be succumbing to the gusts of incompatibility, as television actor Dalljiet Kaur’s marriage to businessman Nikhil Patel turns shaky amidst divorce rumors. The air has been thick with speculation following noticeable changes on both their Instagram profiles, which included the removal of shared pictures and a notable surname drop from Dalljiet’s bio.

As these digital alterations sent the rumor mill into overdrive, a source close to the pair relayed to Times of India that the couple, shortly after their union, stumbled upon the stark realization of their incompatibility. A situation that initially posed as pebbles in their marital journey soon escalated into boulders, leading the couple to a critical juncture just months in.

The anonymous source was quoted saying, “Initially, everything seemed fine in their marriage, but it was short-lived. Problems cropped up between the couple soon after. Dalljiet and Nikhil realized they were incompatible. The situation worsened in the last two months. If problems persist, separation might be the only option.”

In an attempt to quell the spreading rumors, a spokesperson for Dalljiet issued a statement, emphasizing the actor’s focus on her family’s health crises, wherein she returned to India for her parents’ surgeries. The plea for privacy was stressed, especially considering the involvement of children from both sides, and the statement was declared as the sole communication on the matter.

Prior to these events, Dalljiet and Nikhil’s romance blossomed publicly on Instagram in February 2023. Dalljiet, who anchored her heart in Nairobi, Kenya, following her wedding, described her new chapter with Nikhil as fate-driven, marking it as #DalNikTake2 in an optimistic post that celebrated their united journey ahead.

The maternal instinct is strong with Dalljiet, who, alongside her son Jaydon, plunged into her new life with Nikhil, keen on weaving a familial tapestry that included his daughters from a previous marriage, thirteen-year-old Aariyana and eight-year-old Aanika. Jaydon, born to Dalljiet and her previous husband, actor Shalin Bhanot, has been under his mother’s sole guardianship since her divorce from Shalin in 2015 post-allegations of domestic violence.

While the idyllic vision of a blended family and cross-continental love spread its roots through their initial union, the recent turn of events suggests a discordant underbelly that no amount of geographical relocation can rectify. The concept of home, often enshrined as a sanctuary for family unity, now seems pockmarked by the realities of personal differences, driven home by the current scenario facing Dalljiet and Nikhil Patel.

The community of fans and close onlookers, usually privy to the ebbs and flows of a public figure’s life, have been left with a silent Instagram feed and an appeal for discretion during what appears to be a pivotal moment in the couple’s life.

There rests an unspoken acknowledgement in the world of glitz and glamour, that the bright lights often cast impactful shadows on the personal lives being navigated behind the scenes. As delving deeper into these lives is often met with barriers of privacy, the public can only piece together narrative fragments, emphasizing a pressing need to balance empathy with curiosity.

While whispers and suppositions will undoubtedly continue to surface until the dust settles for Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel, the overarching narrative will remain incomplete – a puzzle put together by outside observers, awaiting the missing piece that can only be placed by those at the very heart of the matter.

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