‘Crew’ Unleashes Vibrant Party Anthem ‘Ghagra’ with Star-studded Trio

Cinema enthusiasts were poised on the edge of their seats as the much-anticipated party anthem ‘Ghagra’ made its dazzling debut. This electrifying track features in the upcoming film ‘Crew’, shining brightly with the star power of revered actresses Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon. ‘Ghagra’ isn’t just any song—it’s a soiree of beats intertwined with luminous performances set in the alluring atmosphere of a teeming club. Paying homage to Ila Arun’s beloved original, this song rekindles the vibrancy of its predecessor while infusing it with a modern vivacity that is both enthralling and dynamic.

Eager fans were offered a glimpse into this dance number through the TIPS Instagram account where the video of ‘Ghagra’ was shared. The spectacle triggers an adrenaline surge as the leading ladies, each a force in the film industry, exhibit their formidable grace and energy, inciting waves of excitement across social media platforms.

The promotional strategy for the film ‘Crew’ has been nothing short of genius. Gearing up for its grand entrance into theaters, the film’s teaser was recently released, amassing considerable attention. The teaser serves a spot-on introduction to the “bada**” air hostesses portrayed by the trio—Kareena, Tabu, and Kriti—who exude a pragmatic and cheeky charm. They are women on a mission, embodying characters that indulge in the most intriguing of activities, from cunningly snatching peanut boxes intended for flight passengers to hatching schemes designed to amplify their fortunes and allure.

Tabu’s unmistakable voice sets the tone of the teaser, forewarning that what is to come might be too hot to handle. Adding a humorous twist, her character doesn’t hold back, playfully cursing in a way that’s bound to elicit chuckles. Noteworthy cameos by the talented Diljit Dosanjh and the comic ace Kapil Sharma make for memorable ‘blink-and-miss’ moments in the teaser, indicating the film’s promise of variety and entertainment.

Taking to Instagram, Kareena Kapoor Khan herself stoked the fires of anticipation, teasing her followers to brace themselves for an experience that’ll raise temperatures, reflective of the film’s audacious spirit. The post, which linked to the teaser, hinted at the sizzling content that awaits the audience in cinemas on March 29, 2024.

“Crew” comes from the production houses of Balaji Telefilms and Anil Kapoor Film & Communications Network, both recognized for their legacy in delivering quality cinema. The initial release date set for March 22 was delayed, allowing the filmmakers to fine-tune their project, ensuring the maximum impact upon its debut.

The narrative of ‘Crew’ is constructed around three dynamic women, intricately woven into the complexities of the struggling airline industry. Their stories unfold into a hilarious escapade filled with unexpected turns and a labyrinth of fabrications. This film is expected to be a laugh-riot, drawing on the chemistry and comedic timing of its protagonists.

This film also marks a noteworthy second collaboration between notable producers Ektaa R Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor, following up on their previous success in the female buddy comedy, ‘Veere Di Wedding’, released in 2018.

As the film industry buzzes with anticipation, ‘Crew’ is setting itself up to be a memorable addition to this year’s cinematic lineup, blending glamour, wit, and an upbeat soundtrack guaranteed to captivate audiences all over.

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