‘Crakk’: Arjun Rampal calls his co-star Vidyut Jammwal ‘an animal’

The Bollywood industry is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming action thriller ‘Crakk: Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa’. The film’s lead, Arjun Rampal, recently shared insights into the physically taxing nature of the production and his thoughts on the extraordinary physique of his co-star, Vidyut Jammwal.

A peek at Arjun Rampal’s Instagram account gives away the rigorous environment on the set of ‘Crakk’. Rampal, known for his suave looks and impeccable acting skills, has described his experience on set as one of the most physically demanding projects of his career. He admitted to attempting all his stunts himself to lend an air of authenticity to his role. This dedication came at a cost, however, as he revealed that he suffered from a slip disk during the complicated action sequences orchestrated by director Aditya Datt.

The shoot had to be postponed for a few weeks to allow Rampal to recuperate from the injury. Reflecting on the ordeal, he quipped that ‘Crakk’ was tantamount to cracking all his bones, emphasizing the intense physical toll the film exacted on him.

Moving his focus to his co-star, Rampal had high praise for Vidyut Jammwal, whose physique seemed beyond human to him. Describing an encounter with Jammwal, he commented on giving him a hug and only feeling an expanse of muscle, which prompted him to liken Jammwal to ‘an animal’ in jest.

The ensemble of talent on set wasn’t limited to famous actors. Rampal was surrounded by trained athletes participating in the film, whose dedication and expertise inspired him to push his own limits further. Their presence on set contributed to the authentic depiction of high-stakes action that the film promises to deliver.

Behind the scenes, ‘Crakk’ is the brainchild of a team led by producer and lead actor Vidyut Jammwal with support from Abbas Sayyed. It is a creative convergence with Aditya Datt at the helm as the director. The script-writing responsibilities were shared between Sarim Momin and Rehan Khan, with Mohendar Pratap Singh enriching the screenplay and dialogue. Moviegoers are marking their calendars for February 23, 2024, when ‘Crakk’ is set to hit the theatres, with Nora Fatehi and Amy Jackson also among the cast, bolstering the film’s star power.

The article takes a moment to remember Arjun Rampal’s recent standout roles. In 2021, he starred opposite Konkona Sen Sharma in Aparna Sen’s ‘The Rapist’, which earned critical approval and a nomination at the 26th Busan International Film Festival. Initially, he was set to feature in the Telugu film industry as Emperor Aurangzeb in ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’, but scheduling conflicts led to him stepping away from the opportunity. In 2022, audiences witnessed his exceptional performance as a villain in ‘Dhaakad’, where his character clashed with Kangana Ranaut’s Agent Agni.

Rampal’s journey through varying roles and cinema styles demonstrates his versatility and commitment as an actor. His return to the action genre with ‘Crakk’ is highly anticipated by fans who have followed his career across genres and film industries.

With its combination of a stellar cast, a capable production team, and a narrative that promises adrenaline-pumping sequences, ‘Crakk’ is shaping up to be an action-packed cinematic venture. As the lead actors Rampal and Jammwal brace for the film’s release, audiences prepare for an experience that will take them to the edge of their seats and perhaps redefine Indian action cinema as we know it.

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