Cinema Lovers Day: These are the movies you can watch for just Rs 99 in theatres on Feb 23

Film aficionados across India are in for a delightful treat on February 23, as Cinema Lovers Day is set to offer an array of cinematic experiences for just Rs 99. The initiative, which brings an exclusive one-day film festival to movie screens at a reduced ticket price, is sure to captivate the hearts of those who cherish the magic of cinema.

This special event, following in the footsteps of the overwhelmingly successful National Cinema Day, is a grand celebration of the art of filmmaking and its venerable position in Indian culture. PVR INOX Ltd., one of India’s leading movie exhibition companies, has unveiled this attractive offer as a gesture of gratitude towards movie enthusiasts who find solace and excitement within the walls of a cinema hall.

With an eclectic mix of Bollywood dramas, English chartbusters, regional cinema, and critically acclaimed documentaries, the list of films to be screened reads like a cinephile’s dream come true. The Hindi film roster includes titles such as the intense political drama ‘Article 370,’ the action thriller ‘Crackk,’ and the heartwarming ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya.’ Audiences can immerse themselves in tales of love, conflict, and poignant social commentary.

On the international front, ‘Madame Web’ offers an escape into the web of fantasy, while the comedy legend ‘Mean Girls’ promises to evoke laughter and nostalgia. Additionally, ‘The Holdovers’ and the culturally profound documentary ‘Bab Marley-One Love’ cater to those with a penchant for diverse narratives.

Regional movies are not far behind, with Malayalam cinema presenting ‘Manjummel Boys’ and ‘Bramayugam,’ Marathi cinema offering historical epics like ‘Shivrayancha Chhava’ and ‘Sridevi Prasanna,’ and Gujarati films such as ‘Kasoombo’ and ‘Ittaa Kittaa’ showcasing the rich storytelling traditions of India.

To ensure that this cinematic fiesta reaches all demographics, PVR INOX has also extended this offer to luxurious premium screening formats. Recliner seats in select cinemas will be made available for merely Rs 199 for those who cherish comfort alongside their entertainment. Advancing further into opulence, formats such as IMAX, 4DX, MX4D SCREENX, and the lavish GOLD Luxe, DC, and INSIGNIA experiences will see tickets priced between Rs 199 and Rs 499, enabling cinema-goers to indulge in the epitome of film-viewing luxury at a fraction of the regular cost.

Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO PVR INOX Ltd., has expressed immense enthusiasm for Cinema Lovers Day, recognizing the inherent zeal that Indian audiences harbor for movies. He mentioned the exceptional outpouring of support and attendance on National Cinema Day, which has been a driving force behind this new venture. The discounted pricing on this special day demonstrates an ambition to enrich the cinema experience for enthusiasts who find joy, inspiration, and camaraderie in the world of movies.

The celebratory offer extends across India, welcoming urban and rural audiences alike. However, the celebration will exclude certain regions in the southern states, with the exception of Karnataka. The one-day spectacular allows customers to procure their tickets through PVR and INOX’s official apps and websites, as well as various ticket booking aggregator platforms, ensuring a seamless and accessible ticketing process for all.

Cinema Lovers Day is crafted as a homage to the indelible impact that films have had on society and individual lives. It’s an invitation to relive classic tales, explore new worlds, and revel in the shared human experience that cinema uniquely provides. On February 23, theaters across the nation will resonate with the collective heartbeat of movie lovers, uniting under the flickering lights of the silver screen for stories that inspire, entertain, and engage. This day promises to be a cinematic carnival, a day when every seat tells a story, and every ticket sold is a passport to countless adventures.

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