In a moment that amalgamated cultural heritage with family togetherness, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, alongside her musician husband Nick Jonas and their daughter Malti Marie, created a buzz on social media with their recent spiritual visit to the revered Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. This family excursion not only underlined their bonds but also signified the importance of cultural roots for the internationally acclaimed pair.

Donning traditional Indian wear, Priyanka Chopra graced the setting in a saree—a quintessential Indian garment—colored in shades of harmonious green, while Nick Jonas complemented her in a kurta, that also held true to Indian traditional attire. The visual of the duo in ethnic ensembles brought forth a confluence of cultures, reflecting their global identities while embracing local traditions.

Their visit to Ayodhya, where the historic Ram Mandir stands as an emblem of faith and spirituality, was captured in a video shared by news agency ANI on social platforms. The footage reveals a glimpse of their arrival and departure from the Ayodhya airport amidst the background chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram’, a common devotional cry among devotees of the deity.

Accompanied by Priyanka’s mother, Dr. Madhu Chopra, the family navigated the sacred grounds, undoubtedly absorbing the amalgamation of spirituality and tranquility that places of worship like Ram Mandir offer. Interestingly, Priyanka wasn’t present in India during the ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony—a significant ritual in Hinduism marking the consecration of the deity—held this past January, which garnered the presence of numerous Bollywood personalities.

This religious landmark visit harmonizes with the couple’s continuous display of their deep respect for cultural values and their endeavors to pass on these traditions to their daughter, creating a bridge across their diverse backgrounds.

Mid Day, a noted publication, posted to Twitter sharing this news, alongside the visual imagery of the family arriving together, hinting at the blend of the personal and the profound in their journey to the site of historical and contemporary significance.

Moreover, on the professional front, Priyanka Chopra Jonas is set to lend her voice as the narrator for “Tiger”, an eagerly anticipated film by Disney-owned studio Disneynature. Slated to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar to coincide with Earth Day on April 22, “Tiger” is heralded as an evocative narrative that seeks to unveil the mystique surrounding one of nature’s most majestic beasts.

The upcoming feature follows the tender storyline of Ambar, a young tiger mother tasked with the upbringing of her cubs in the storied jungles of India. The portrayal endeavors to capture the essence of survival and maternal instinct in the wild, casting light on the vibrant yet precarious lives of these magnificent creatures.

Directed by Mark Linfield and co-directed by Vanessa Berlowitz and Rob Sullivan, the film aims to resonate with audiences through its depiction of the animal kingdom’s intricacies. Speaking on her role, Priyanka expressed the honor she felt in being involved in a project that narrated the life of a species originating from her homeland and highlighted the universal themes of motherhood and protection.

Accompanying the primary fixture, “Tigers On The Rise” will also be released, serving as an adjunct documentary that converges with “Tiger” to further explore and celebrate the upward trends in tiger conservation efforts and population recovery.

This narrative voyage into the natural world is indicative of Priyanka Chopra’s diversified and expansive career trajectory, which harmoniously intertwines her acting prowess with a genuine commitment to environmental storytelling. Her contribution to the homage of the tiger, an animal of cultural importance, mirrors her personal journey—one that transcends borders, yet remains deeply rooted in heritage.

By IPL Agent

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