Celebrating Authenticity and Inclusivity: Urvashi Kaur’s Voices Take the Stage at Lakme Fashion Week

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Lakme Fashion Week, an event that sets the tone for fashion trends across India, designer Urvashi Kaur marked her 15th anniversary in the fashion industry with an exceptional showcase. Her show, in conjunction with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), was not just a display of clothing, but a celebration of values deeply ingrained in her label – authenticity, inclusivity, and creative rebellion. Aptly titled, ‘Voices of Urvashi Kaur,’ the show became a platform for not only fashion statements but also for advocating societal issues.

As the curtains rose at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai, the runway became a space for Kaur’s muses to shine. The showstoppers were a diverse and distinguished group, each a beacon for various causes in society. The line-up boasted names like Ratna Pathak Shah, Rasika Dugal, Mallika Dua, Tillotama Shome, Shweta Tripathi, Santanu Hazarika, Kaustav, Vibha Galhotra, Gurjeet Singh, Faraz Ansari, and Suvir Saran – all individuals celebrated for their voices as much as their visages.

The event was not merely a traditional runway show but an experience that transcended standards set by the fashion world. Timeless silhouettes graced the stage, each piece echoing Urvashi Kaur’s ethos of authenticity and individuality. In her collection, societal norms were not just subverted but entirely transcended, making way for a celebration of Kaur’s eco-design sensibilities.

The ambiance of the show was equally unconventional. The set was a testament to sustainable practices, crafted ingenitiously from recycled packaging materials, including tetra packs. This was complemented by the organic sounds of Martin Dubois’ African harp and handpan, underscoring the raw and organic feel that is characteristic of Urvashi Kaur’s design philosophy.

Post-show, in a conference imbued with the same spirit of camaraderie and cheer that marked the backstage atmosphere, the showstoppers voiced their experiences. Rasika Dugal reflected on the day’s proceedings with a light-hearted remark, “In the years that I’ve worked, I’ve always felt the mark of a good show is if you’ve had fun backstage. Today was such a riot we had so much fun primarily because none of us knew what we were going to do.” She emphasized the importance of embracing unpredictability as a space for creativity.

Tillotama Shome offered insights into the designer’s ethos, sharing that Kaur’s message was all about staying true to oneself, whether it was about the simplicity of chappals or the comfort of boots over the constraint of heels. It was a gesture of self-expression without pretense, an authenticity thoroughly appreciated by the actor.

Joining the sentiment, Shweta Tripathi highlighted the individual’s role in bringing about change, in the absence of a ‘superhero’ to save the world. Her words resonated with the show’s spirit, urging everyone to be proactive in making a difference.

Designer Urvashi Kaur’s reflection on the show was profound. She described the showcase as not only a trip down memory lane over her illustrious 15-year career but also a statement of her commitment to creating spaces where individuals could express their true selves. “Our designs are ungendered, inclusive, and timeless,” Kaur stated. It’s this distinctive voice that sets her brand apart from the transient noise of virality.

Throughout the collection, the commitment to ungendered, inclusive, and timeless fashion was evident. Each design seemed to stand in quiet defiance of conformity, seeking to evoke emotion and celebrate diverse cultural legacies. Urvashi Kaur’s voices resonated through her aspirational and non-conformist approach, delivering a powerful message in a paradigm dominated by fleeting trends.

Indeed, Urvashi Kaur’s celebration at Lakme Fashion Week was more than a landmark of personal acclaim; it was an emblematic declaration that in the world of fashion, the cornerstone of style is the celebration of the individual and the virtues of sustainability and ethical design.

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