Brian Cox Set to Voice the Legendary Santa in Netflix’s Upcoming Animated Film ‘That Christmas’

A touch of holiday magic is coming to Netflix with the arrival of the animated feature “That Christmas,” boasting a voice cast led by the acclaimed Scottish actor Brian Cox as Santa Claus. Audiences around the globe are eagerly awaiting its release later this year, bringing with it the spirit of the festive season.

The project heralds Simon Otto’s directorial debut. Otto’s illustrious career in animation has seen him contribute to beloved franchises, most notably through his involvement with “How to Train Your Dragon” and the anthology series “Love, Death & Robots.” Under Otto’s creative guidance, “That Christmas” is sure to become a new holiday staple, filled with vibrant animation and a heartwarming narrative.

Developed from the eponymous children’s book series by Richard Curtis, “That Christmas” is more than just a film. It is a creation that brings Curtis’s literary charm to the screen for the first time in animated form. Curtis, who also serves as a writer and director for this cinematic piece, shared his delight in embarking on this new journey, “This has been the most amazing adventure, my first animated film.”

The casting choices for “That Christmas” have garnered considerable attention, with a roster of talent that ensures the characters of this picturesque seaside town are brought to life with nuance and warmth. Accompanying Brian Cox are Fiona Shaw, Jodie Whittaker, and Bill Nighy, each lending their vocal artistry to this quirky ensemble cast. These distinguished actors will present an array of residents whose festive season undergoes an unexpected and charming disruption.

Additional voices contributing to the rich tapestry of this animated tale include the comedic presence of Lolly Adefope, the refined touch of Alex Macqueen, and the distinct personality of Katherine Parkinson. The infusion of their unique talents promises a dynamic blend of characters that viewers will come to adore and remember.

To complement its visual storytelling, “That Christmas” will feature an original soundtrack from the acclaimed composer John Powell. With a repertoire that includes scores for “How To Train Your Dragon,” “Ice Age,” and many other notable films, Powell’s musical genius is set to captivate audiences once again, weaving together the emotive threads of the story with his melodic gifts.

As Santa Claus, Brian Cox will bring a particular gravitas to a role that has been portrayed in countless variations over the years. The choice of casting Cox, a veteran actor with a celebrated career in both film and theater, indicates a desire to paint the iconic Christmas figure with a depth and complexity rarely explored in animated features.

Netflix’s decision to produce “That Christmas” reflects the streaming giant’s continued commitment to quality storytelling and its expansion into diverse genres, including family-friendly holiday films. With this venture, Netflix seems to be aiming to create a timeless classic that can be revisited year after year, much like the storied pages of the books upon which the film is based.

The anticipation for “That Christmas” builds as the release date approaches, with many families poised to make it a part of their holiday tradition. The combination of top-tier voice acting, a director with a proven track record in animation, storytelling from the heart of Richard Curtis, and a score from a seasoned composer suggests “That Christmas” might just become the next beloved fixture in the pantheon of festive cinema. As the year progresses, audiences will eagerly await the opportunity to bask in the joy and wonder that this animated gem promises to deliver.

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