Bollywood Star Varun Dhawan Calls Out IPL Staff for Animal Cruelty on Instagram

In a shocking incident that has ignited public ire, Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan took to Instagram to decry the mistreatment of a dog by ground staff at a recent Indian Premier League cricket match. The captivating film recording shows an inexcusable act where the staff can be seen chasing and even striking the innocent animal after it innocently strayed onto the playing field. The actor, an ardent advocate against animal cruelty, posted the alarming footage, chastising the individuals responsible for the mistreatment. His forceful message called for more humane treatment, stating, “A dog isn’t a football. Also, the dog isn’t biting or harming anyone. Regardless, there has to be a better way.”

The disturbing behavior was not only evident in the actions of the ground staff but was amplified by the spectators’ reactions. Siddhanth Kapoor, brother of prominent actress Shraddha Kapoor, added his voice to the outcry, lamenting, “This video describes the state of humanity in today’s DNA. Shameful.” He highlighted the troubling laughter that accompanied the cruel scene, calling into question the state of collective empathy among the onlookers.

Elsewhere in entertainment news, actress Adah Sharma of the dark comedy thriller ‘Sunflower 2’ fame discussed her unique directive from director Vikas Bahl for her recent role as Rosie Mehta, a bar dancer. Sharma was instructed to steer clear of the common tropes of seductiveness and flirtation frequently portrayed by characters in similar professions. “He told me that I should play my character with genuine authenticity. Don’t be overly seductive, don’t be flirtatious, don’t show that you are about to tell a joke. Just be genuine,” shared Sharma. According to her, this shift towards authentic representation allowed for a deeper exploration of the character’s complexity and contributed to a much more poignant performance.

In other news, Jennifer Mistry, who formerly starred in the popular show ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah,’ claimed victory in her legal fight against producer Asit Modi. Mistry had previously accused Modi of sexual harassment and subsequently left the show. It is now reported that Modi has been directed to compensate Mistry for intentionally withholding her payments, a legal decision that tilted in her favor.

The entertainment industry is also abuzz with actor Ranbir Kapoor’s preparation for his role in the upcoming epic ‘Ramayana.’ Images hinting at Kapoor’s engagement with an archery coach have emerged, fueling speculations about the film’s progress, which has been in pre-production for a considerable duration due to its grand scale and precise casting requirements. Kapoor is set to portray Lord Ram while Sai Pallavi is cast as Sita, with fans eagerly sharing updates on social platforms.

In the realm of cinematic storytelling, director Sriram Raghavan reflected on the contrasting responses to his film ‘Merry Christmas’ and wished for a ‘magic pill’ to erase and re-experience the movie with fresh eyes. “I am definitely conscious of the viewer sitting in the seat while I am editing because I am also the viewer, so I take both the chairs. Sometimes I watch my whole film as the viewer in the edit room and I wish there was a pill with which you can just forget the movie and watch it afresh, but I can’t do that,” Raghavan remarked, indicating his commitment to recapturing the initial magic that comes with a first-time viewing.

Cinephiles have much to anticipate with the Cinevesture International Film Festival (CIFF) ready to unfold in Chandigarh. The event is set to hosts an array of master classes and panel discussions with industry stalwarts including Karan Johar, Shekhar Kapur, Jaideep Ahlawat, and Boman Irani. Scheduled from March 27 to 31, this inaugural film festival aims to illuminate the craft of cinema.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, battling personal health issues, courageously shared her strenuous experience while preparing for Raj and DK’s ‘Citadel—Honey Bunny.’ She candidly expressed her weakened state and the arduous process involved, reflecting the dedication and resilience it takes to perform at the highest level despite physical challenges.

Lastly, Mrunal Thakur offers a window into her wellness philosophy, known affectionately as the “grandma diet.” It emphasizes a wholesome approach to meals reminiscent of simpler times, grounded in tradition, portions, and nutrition—a poignant reminder of the enduring wisdom embedded in our family practices and passed down through generations.

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