Cupid’s arrow struck true in the world of glitz and glamour, as illustrious celebrity couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover once again became the exemplar of romance this Valentine’s Day. The couple, recognized for their public expressions of love, seized the occasion to share their affection not only with each other but also with their legion of admirers worldwide. As the day dedicated to lovers the world over dawned, the duo engaged in a heartfelt display of affection, gracing social media with enchanting images and sentiments that illustrated their enduring bond.

Entering the realm of digital PDA with grace and charm, Bipasha Basu uploaded an endearing photograph of the couple on her Instagram during the bewitching hours of nightfall. Her caption, a sweet serenade to her husband, read, “My Valentine Forever @iamksgofficial Happy Valentine’s Day to all #monkeylove”. In this exquisite visual, one could see Bipasha adorned in a breathtaking pink gown and floral accessories, reminiscent of a fairytale princess, while Karan, in his debonair stance, cradled the actress with palpable affection. The captured moment, rife with love’s essence, set a joyous tone for the day’s festivities.

Karan Singh Grover, matching his wife’s ardor, shared his piece of joy on Instagram as well. The snapshot deceptively simple, yet brimming with tenderness, showed him playfully holding Bipasha’s veil. It evoked a sense of nostalgia, harking back to their marital photoshoot, thereby reaffirming their vows in a way that resonated with fans. Alongside the visual, he penned, “My valentine for always…Happy Valentine’s Day my love. Thank you for bearing with me @bipashabasu”, an open letter of gratitude and devotion to his beloved.

However, the ‘Fighter’ actor didn’t just leave it to pictures to express his love. Karan went a step further, orchestrating a delightful surprise that involved a plethora of balloons, a testament to the lighter and more playful side of their romance. The actress, delighting in the surprise, took to her Instagram stories to share the moment, coupled with the words, “My monkey surprising me with Valentine’s Day ritual while baby is zzzing… A very quiet celebration…I love you @iamksgofficial”. Even in the quietude of hushed evenings, their love spoke volumes, creating a memory etched within the confines of their heart and the virtual space they shared with fans.

The instantaneous flood of fan reactions bore witness to the couple’s popularity and the warmth the public holds for their union. From devout blessings to exclamations of endearing adoration, the comment sections under their posts transformed into a fervent chorus singing praises for ‘the best couple’. Hearts and fire emojis alike dappled the screens, as netizens collectively basked in the glow of the couple’s happiness – solidifying the sentiment that Karan and Bipasha personify a modern love story.

Bipasha and Karan, who fell for one another amidst the making of their thriller ‘Alone’, have been inseparable since their wedding on April 30, 2016. Their on-screen chemistry spilled into reality and has since been a staple for fans to admire. The couple recently ventured into parenthood, welcoming their daughter Devi on November 12 of the previous year, weaving another thread into the fabric of their lives.

Professionally, the charismatic Bipasha Basu last graced the silver screen with her appearance in ‘Welcome to New York’, whereas Karan Singh Grover dazzled audiences in ‘Fighter’, working alongside stars like Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone. Despite the differing paths their careers may take, it is their journey together – highlighted by such personal and public declarations of love – that continues to captivate and inspire. This Valentine’s Day has been but another chapter in their narrative of romance, a testament to their #monkeylove.

By IPL Agent

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